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Web entrepreneurs often ask me the all too relatable questions – how to set up a webcam website and how to start a webcam business. Honestly, such questions are so cliché. Yet, the answers on the web aren’t convincing. I’ve been reliably informed – Creating a webcam business is an art. There are science and logic too. This article answers one question which everyone wants to know – how to start a webcam business with zero coding..

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White-label Solution

The fastest way to create a live camming site is by using a White-label solution. White-label solutions are offered by existing adult cam networks. You just have to create a copy of an existing adult cam network, rebrand it, incorporate a new logo and do business.


The biggest advantage is the low set-up and creation cost. And yes, you need not worry about the models. All the models will be provided by the adult network


Turns out, this approach has too many disadvantages. There are too many strict restrictions on changes to your live camming site. In other words, customization is a pain. And white-label sites operate on a revenue-sharing basis. Adult cam networks take anywhere between 40% and 50% of your earnings. Moreover, popular search engines such as Google flag white-label sites as duplicate content. The ranking is tough to achieve.

Webcam Site Software

Hang on. This isn’t the only answer to the question – how to build a webcam website with zero coding. Quite evidently, web entrepreneurs are looking for the least labor-intensive approach. Here’s an answer – xCams. It is a webcam site software. By using this cost-effective and feature-rich software, you can set up your own live camming site without going through the hassles of writing miles of code.


xCams is well documented and self-hosted. In other words, you can do many things that white-label websites cannot. Here’s a brief run-down on all the details of xCams.

Payment Integration

What’s the purpose of creating webcam business?

The sole purpose is to make loads of money. That’s possible only if your live camming site supports payment processors. As far as payments integration is concerned, this webcam site software supports CCBill and Epoch. CCBill and Epoch are trusted names.

Built-in IP Tracking and Blocking

Webcam models may not be interested in revealing true identity. Also, they may not be comfortable with annoying perverts and creeps. Models can use certain built-in IP tracking and blocking features to block and ban users.

Superior Technology

This software solution is powered by Node.js, Laravel framework, MySQL, WebRTC and Nginx. For your information, WebRTC is used in conjunction with Turnserver to facilitate live streaming. To enable real-time, event-based and bi-directional communication is used.

For all intents and purposes, it takes more than 4 months to develop a scalable live camming site (from scratch) such as Chaturbate. Moreover, you can never be sure of bug-free code. Code that’s not tested is often prone to flaws, failures, and faults. Software bugs can interfere with the functionality of your live camming site. Programmers spend at least 3 weeks to rectify the code.

Thanks to xCams, you can set up your live camming site in a few hours. It’s bug-free, optimized and efficient.

Monetization Features

Generally speaking, cam models are video performers. Live camming is different from run-of-the-mill sex works. There’s a lot of interaction. It’s based on relationships. It’s a well-established fact that cam models are tipped via tokens. Tokens are converted into real cash.

Tip-based goals can be achieved when there’s a lot of conversation. Conversation can be sexual and non-sexual. There’s a big audience for non-sexual topics as well.

However, a vast majority of audiences want to see models nude and most of the tips come for sexual conversations.

xCams lets its models decide their respective tip-based goals.

To achieve their tip-based goals, cam girls can use the following monetization features:

  • Private one-on-one chat sessions with per minute billing
  • Group chat sessions with per-minute billing
  • Peek show (one-on-one) sessions/voyeur chat sessions with per minute billing
  • Digital content subscriptions: Sell photo sets, videos, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • Membership subscriptions: Models are at liberty to start their own fan club forums. Different tiers of membership subscriptions and offers can be put in place.

Not interested in working as a cam girl? No worries!

Be the boss! You can hire models from paid classified listing websites, adult forums, etc., and overhaul the activity of models with the help of dashboards.

This brings me to the next feature – Dashboards.


There are four types of dashboards:

  • User Dashboard
  • Model Dashboard
  • Studio Dashboard
  • Super Admin Dashboard

Users can send tips to their favorite models, purchase tokens and help models achieve their tip-based goals. Users are at liberty to purchase premium content of their favorite models. All their transaction history and activity can be overhauled by the site admin.

Models can set their respective per minute charges. They can set content either as public or private. It’s left to their discretion and absolute volition.

Studios can create appealing profiles of their respective models and view their advanced earning reports. Apart from adding and removing profiles, they can do a lot more

Super admin is the super daddy of users, models, and studios. In simple words, he manages, overhauls and drives the activity in chat rooms. He can grant and revoke access privileges, add and remove categories, models, and do a lot more!

That’s it, folks. Creating a webcam business is no longer a difficult task. You can create a live camming site with zero coding by using popular webcam software scripts.

I hope this article has provided convincing answers to the questions – how to build a webcam website and how to set up a webcam website. Let us know if you have any doubts. Feel free to shoot your queries. Our team of growth hackers and serial entrepreneurs shall reply in a day or two. Do share your feedback and constructive thoughts. Cheers!


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