How to Spy on WhatsApp Conversations of Your Employees


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An office is a place where everyone works and most of the activities done simply relates to the trade of the company. Anything that goes beyond that can be considered unproductive and therefore must be intervened and acted upon. Explicit activities like conversations in the office cannot be avoided and somehow must be given a certain degree of liberty. However, when trade secrets of the company are compromised, it becomes very important that the company should act immediately on it in order to curtail or stop it. While it is very easy to eavesdrop on actual conversation done in the office, it is quite difficult to track conversations that are done through the phone or on the apps installed on it.

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One of the most common apps used today is WhatsApp. This app works like any other apps used for communication like Viber or Talk. Through this app one can send and receive communication using the internet. In order to insure productivity of employees and protect the trade secrets of the company, the management may opt to install tracking apps to the phones of the employees in order to monitor their WhatsApp conversation. There are a lot of apps used to monitor internet based communication devices of the employees and one such good app that the management can make use of is the Netspysoftware.

Using Tracking Apps to Monitor the WhatsApp Conversation of the Employees

Tracking apps has the capability to track and monitor both text or Instant messages and phone conversation.  To some extent, it also has the capability to check on the multimedia messages sent and received from the monitored device. Only quite a number of mobile spy software has the ability to monitor conversations from the WhatsApp application which include netspysoftware. There are features available that the management will find very useful when spying on their employee’s WhatsApp conversation.

  1. Monitoring Text or Instant Messaging

With the use of a tracking app, the management may be able to retrieve and read the exchange of text or instant messaging in a device. The manager will be able to know the content of the conversation and from there he will be able to know if there are trade secrets shared by the employee and the person on the other end.

  1. Monitoring Call History

With this feature, the management can also track on the calls made real time. This feature of the tracking app shows records on what date and time and from where did the call came from or to whom was the call going to. This is good information for any investigation if there is leakage with the confidential information of the company. Moreover, there are also some monitoring apps that do not limit on mere recording the time and date of WhatsApp calls or showing the names of the people calling. Some tracking app may even intercept calls made through WhatsApp.

  1. Live Audio

This feature allows the management to hear in real time, the actual conversation shared between employees in a specific time and place. This means that it would be easier to track who are actually involved on the actual conversation and the subjects of their discussions.

  1. Monitoring shared items

WhatsApp has the ability to share videos and photos. There are also some monitoring apps right now that are capable of viewing these shared items. You will know whether company documents are being transmitted or shared online by your employees through WhatsApp on their mobile device.

The use of these monitoring apps is very simple. One just needs to download the page that contains the installation procedure. Once the page comes out, simply click on install. And with very easy instructions, the monitoring apps will be up in just a matter of minutes. Should the management decide to sneak on the conversation done in WhatsApp by the employees, all they need to do is to simply log on in their app account which can be done in any internet devices, including a plain desktop. From there, it is easy to obtain access on the vital exchange of information and activities that are done through the device which are important in safeguarding the company’s valuable asset and documents.

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