How To Setup E-Commerce Business In India – All you Need to Know


eCommerce Market is growing in India and as per the statistics by 2016, the Indian eCommerce market is expected to hit US $13 billion, growing from US $1.1 billion in 2012. This is a tremendous growth and more brands are coming online to sell their products and services in this rapidly growing industry. This is the right time to start your eCommerce business in India as substantial growth is expected from this sector.

Setup e-commerce business
Setup e-commerce business

Key components required to setup your eCommerce business in India:-

  • Product Catalog
  • Shopping Cart Software/platform
  • Payment Gateway integration with your store
  • Shipping or Logistics services

How to setup your E-Commerce business/store in India ?

It all depends on your plan and number of products you wish to sell online. If you have limited numbers of products to sell online, a single HTML website can suffice your requirements. However, if you have a variety of products, you must choose eCommerce shopping cart software that is readily available.

You can make an excel sheet of your products which can be easily imported to the shopping cart software. Google product specification feeds is highly recommended and widely used by shopping cart software’s to the import list of products for an eCommerce store.

Depending on the targeted visitors for your products, you may consider the appropriate web hosting service. You will need to consider eCommerce hosting in India if your targeted traffic is from India itself.

There are multiple platforms available online which enable you to setup your eCommerce store within few minutes. Platforms such as Shopify, Zeepo and Buildbazar comprise of payment gateways; therefore the hassle of payment gateway setup does not come into picture. If you have a small website with limited products and simple HTML page, your next step should be obtaining an internet merchant account from your bank that will allow you to accept credit card payments online.

If you opt for any Linux hosting with cPanel, it offers a variety of shopping carts that can be installed at one click through the control panel. Shopping carts such as Magento, osCommerce, ZenCart and CubeCart are readily available scripts in cPanel Softaculous and can be installed at one click.

This is all you need to setup your eCommerce business but to make it successful following are the key factors you should take care of.

  • Branding
  • USP
  • Store Experience
  • Customer Retention

How do you make your eCommerce business a huge success on Internet ?

Branding is the most important aspect when it comes to promoting your business online. There are many eCommerce businesses online but only players like Flipkart or Myntra are able to drive business, why? The main reason behind these major player’s success is their branding activity. They are very aggressive when it comes to branding their products through the means of media marketing or any other channel that can promote their brand.

Your design is your showroom and you can sell more if your showroom is attractive. You can design a logo and website design to bring in more customers. Promote your store on Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin and other social networking sites. They’ve got very innovative products that enable you to promote your brand on their network.

You may also try Google Ads and other advertising networks where you can add banners and post promotional offers. Another way is to get involved in discussion at Q&A websites, forums and promote/ask for feedback’s for your brand. You may also showcase your testimonials, reviews and feedback across the site and networks.

The USP of your brand should be reflected in the products you sell online. USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition. Make sure you offer price, quality, customer support, guaranty (it could be money back, warranty etc.) and payment flexibility if possible. Showcase your USP wherever possible as it will help the buyers to make decision quickly.

Last but not the least…”Customer Retention”. Its your existing happy customers that are going to give you more referrals. Always be in touch with your customers and send them newsletters, offers and stay connected. Make them feel special 🙂

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