How To Select an Instagram Verification Service?


The blue tick is one symbol that sets you apart as one of the elites recognized in your industry, or at least on Instagram. It is not a surprise that an average Instagram user is interested in getting the Instagram verification badge. The formal recommended procedures of direct application through the app get very few people verified, making Instagram verification services a valuable option.

Suppose your followers are approaching a decent number, there are chances you will start getting messages from different Instagram verification services. They will try to convince you of how they can get your account verified. While their offers can be juicy, you must look for factors to ensure you are delegating that responsibility to an excellent service provider. We will take you through some factors to look out for in Instagram verification services.

Ignore the DMs

Usually, you will get different types of offers from Instagram verification services. Some offer to get your account verified for as low as $400. Before you reply to such messages, determine the credibility of the Instagram verification service you are dealing with. A credible and reputable social media agency will never DM you about an Instagram verification service. And, even if they do, they will link you to a professional website. Got a DM for verification for as low as a few hundred dollars? Well, that’s a scam.

The right way would be to research social media agencies that are well versed with this service. Companies that are legally registered, have an office, have a complete staff, and have a track record of reviews. Even when landing on a website, if it looks like it’s poorly made and doesn’t look all that professional, they are most likely a running scam! The best way to find out if you are dealing with a real company or not would be to see if their website looks professionally done or not. A professional website will have terms and policy pages, it would have a contact us page, it would be well designed and have links to their social media pages.

Too Good to Be True

A credible Instagram verification service will not charge as low as a few hundred dollars to get your account verified. On average, Instagram verification services charge about $5000 to get your account verified. Why? Well, first because this is a rare service. And next, the service requires internal communication with Instagram which is a very complicated process.

The rate could be more if the Instagram verification service will be responsible for publishing a press release about you on a popular news platform. The rate could be as high as $18000-$20000. So next time someone offers you verification for a few hundred dollars, remember, it’s just too good to be true. If verifications cost a few hundred dollars, almost everyone on Instagram would be verified.

If it is too good to be true, it probably is.

All or Nothing Guarantees

Instagram verification services understand that they do not have an ascertained process of getting your account verified. Rather than following a process, they will help your account meet all criteria required by Instagram and hope that you get verified. As such, many Instagram verification service offers to refund your money if the account is not verified. Most Instagram verification services agree that after 90 days, they will refund you if your account is not verified. Such special offers should be considered when dealing with an Instagram verification service since they do not hold the final judgment on the job done.

In short, never deal with a company if they charge you for a ‘submission’ or for ‘consultation’. Those are nothing but scams. A reputable company will give you a full guaranteed delivery of verification or a full refund. As a buyer, you should not incur any charges whatsoever in the case you get denied for verification.

Final Thoughts

So, make sure to avoid the DMs. And always look for reputable companies. Go for agencies that are professional, have a full team, and are registered. Never go for non-guaranteed services. Also, remember, a real company would invoice you by VISA or MasterCard – it’s the not-so-truthful companies that will push you to make payments with cryptocurrency.

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