WordPress is no doubt is the top blogging tool till date. The migration from blogger to wordpress has shown the perfect remarkable example to the above statement. As every blogger,I too started my blog on blogger platform,which is owned by google. After getting handsome traffic and expert suggestions,I have decided to migrate my blog to wordpress. From allindiantricks to TrickSmash. Cool.

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Though I have been blogging since 2 years,I’m still a newbie in blogging. So I’m learning some tips about blogging in every day. The migration of course helped me a lot to improve my SEO,writing skill,flexibility,design and more. I always suggest you to start a blog in wordpress under self-host if you are serious about into the industry.

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Well,today’s topic is on protecting wordpress blogs from hackers. Due to the immense popularity and major vulnerabilities,wordpress has become the no.1 target to the black hat hackers. Protection of your wordpress blog is easy when compared to blogger blog since we have plugins for help.

Plugins are the core power factors to choose wordpress as your main platform. Suppose you have spent day and night for your beloved blog and one day you couldn’t access your blog,oh my God,it will be a nightmare. So it’s always said that prevention is better than cure. So taking some simple precautions may help you to protect your blog from hackers.

Here I list out some top wordpress plugins which let you to keepthe blog safe. These are less load time consuming and it won’t drag your page speed.

  • Wassup

Wassup is actually a traffic stat tool. But it also has tons of many other features such as real time traffic overview,spam identification,hack attempt identification etc. So this plugin notifies whenever a hack attempt occurs.

  • Bulletproof Security

This plugin protects both wp-admin database and root access. So hacker cannot hack either your wp-admin root and public root from your host. It’s amazingly fast plugin and installs in few clicks. I personally recommend you to try this plugin.

  • Ultimate security checker

It’s a fast plugin which update hourly and send notification when any attempt detects. Its reporting tool is highly powerful and can prevent almost all threats till now.

  • WP E-mail Guard

It’s yet another strong protective free plugin which enables alert mode when any attempt detects and it works on the quad principle. It does this by converting every email into JavaScript code so that the mail becomes readable and can only be clicked by humans. So it instantly mails you even for simple spam attempt.

These are the plugins I use for TrickSmash to protect from hackers and spammers. What about you? Dear wordpress users,please share here how you protect your blog from hackers. Also drop your tips,suggestions and other plugins which I forgot to add here.


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