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How to Root Xperia M Running on 4.3 Jellybean 15.4.A.0.23 Firmware

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2014)

As I promised in the last post regarding 4.3 jellybean update of Xperia M, here’s how to root your Xperia M running on official 4.3 jellybean 15.4.A.0.23 firmware. We have been using Framaroot to root the device and after the 4.3 update, the method doesn’t seem to be working and whenever I tried to root my Xperia M using Framaroot, the action fails. However, we found another method to root Xperia M on 4.3 jellybean without much fuss.

In order to root your Xperia M on 4.3, you need to have an unlocked boot loader. For those who got 4.3 update by flashing the ftf (like me), nothing to worry about as we didn’t re-locked our boot loader. But if you got the update via OTA or PCC, you might have locked your boot loader. Those users, please stay away from this method. It won’t work and keep calm until we find an alternative method.

But unlocking your boot loader doesn’t need that much workaround and anyone with basic knowledge in command prompt can do that by following my ultimate tutorial to root, unlock boot loader and install CWM on Xperia M running on 4.1.2 jelly bean (The boot loader unlocking method is same in both case, so don’t worry).

But you must note that if you’ve unlocked your boot loader from the old 4.1.2 version and taken the TA partition backup, the same won’t be enough to re-lock your boot loader on latest 4.3 version. I’ve got this information from the Xperia M Facebook group and beware.

How to Root Xperia M on 4.3 Jellybean

So, it’s time to achieve root access to the updated firmware on Sony Xperia M. All you need is an unlocked boot loader and flash tool installed on your computer. If you have it, go on.

  • Download the root ZIP package (SuperSU) from here [Link] and move it to your external SD card.
  • Now download the CWM combined kernel from this [link].
  • Switch off your phone and put it to fast boot mode by pressing and holding volume up button while connecting to the computer. The LED will turn blue.
  • Now open flash tool and fast boot the kernel by clicking the thunder icon. You can also fast boot it by command prompt. Follow this.
  1. Download fast boot folder [link] and extract it.
  2. Now copy the kernel (file with .img extension) to the fast boot folder.
  3. Open command prompt there and execute

fastboot flash boot kernelname.img

Replace “kernelname” with the name of the kernel which you have downloaded. If all drivers properly installed, it will be fast booted and the kernel will be pushed to the system.

  • Now boot your phone into recovery (CWM) , mount system and data.
  • Then choose install ZIP from SD card and select the root ZIP package which you have downloaded din the first step.
  • Finally reboot the phone and check the Super SU app is installed. If it’s there, you’re all done. 🙂

See the screen shots below.

xperia m 4.3 jelly bean root xperia m 4.3 jelly bean rooted


Now you have successfully rooted your Xperia M running on official 4.3 jelly bean and enjoy the power of super user access. Remove unnecessary bloatwares and also enjoy the themes in Xperia M. The external themes can’t be installed directly. For this, simply download and push the apk to system/apps folder and set permission as rwrr using any root file browser. Let me know if you have any doubt while rooting your Xperia M in 4.3 jelly bean.

Article source : xda thread

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