I’ve already shared how to root Micromax a110 canvas 2 smartphone with Bin4ry’s Rooting Tool and it’s time to go for the most anticipated budget smartphone ever, aka Micromax A116 Canvas HD. I’m not going to elaborate the features and specs of Canvas HD as it’s none of my business.

Here I’m using the fastest yet guaranteed rooting tool to root your Micromax A116. Bin4ry’s rooting tool has gained huge applause due to its ability to root almost all ICS-based smartphones.

We had used it rooting canvas 2 and I never got any error reply from my loyal readers.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD is the most awaited smartphone which been ruling the market since January 2013. It’s reported that the pre-made sets have been finished and it’s out of stock now. By the way, how many of you got this fantastic phone?

[How To] Root Micromax A110 Canvas 2 with Bin4ry’s Rooting Tool

How to root Micromax A116 Canvas HD

I’m actually bored of saying disclaimer again and again but if you are new to rooting, I’ve only one word to say, Rooting voids warranty and may cause bricking of your phone.

Not all rooting goes wild. Here we exploit the power of Bin4ry’s rooting tool which reports very few fatal errors or device bricking.

The most interesting piece is that It won’t lose your warranty as it can revert your phone to stock stage anytime. Yes, you can unroot the device at any time.


  1. Generic version of Micromax A116 Canvas HD ( never try with other variants as it may lead to device bricking.)

  2. Micromax A116 drivers.

  3. Bin4ry’s rooting tool

Download from here.

4. Backup of current data. For your safety, it’s always recommended to take proper backups before proceeding with any rooting tasks.

Back up your messages, contacts (will be automatically saved to Google if contact sync is enabled.), necessary files, and almost all important files. Either move the files from one device to another storage device or sync to the cloud.

  1. Enable USB debugging on your Micromax A116 Canvas HD. (Go to Settings > Developer Options > Checkmark “USB Debugging” and then tap the OK button).

Procedure on rooting Micromax A116 Canvas HD

  1. Extract Bin4ry’s rooting tool to your PC.

  2. After installing phone drivers on the PC, connect the phone and let it rest.

  3. Go to the folder named “Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v18″and run the “ Runme.bat ” file.

If you had read my Canvas 2 rooting guide, you might have known the following steps.

  1. You may see a command box after opening the file in step 3. Type “1” to go for Normal mode.

Note : In the same scenario, put the value as “x” instead of “1” to unroot.

  1. Just read the further steps from the window and wait until it finishes copying the necessary files and reboot.

Violaaaa. You’ve successfully rooted your Micromax A116 Canvas HD with Bin4ry’s Rooting Tool. How simple it’s?

Trouble? We don’t let your phone die under our fault. Feel free to ask any sort of doubts via comments.