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How to Root Galaxy SII SCH-R760 Generic CDMA

How to Root Galaxy SII SCH-
R760 Generic CDMA. This article is adapted from xda forum and I’m not responsible for any damage to your Samsung galaxy s II. You can only root he generic CDMA devices through this tut.
MAKE SURE USB DEBUGGING IS ENABLED! go to [settings]-[applications]-[development] and usb debugging, check the box. Thanks to side_road for pointing this step out!!!

Droidroidz, for the sake of simplicity, I re uploaded your kernel to my account, so that all the download links look the same (except for the Samsung USB drivers). Thanks everyone for all the help. Especially sick in. this is essentially the guide he made for FB14 many moons ago.

As usual, by following this guide you agree that you are an adult acting on your own free will with the understanding that any modification of software on your smartphone could potentially cause irreparable damage including but not limited to: soft brick, hard brick, universe imploding, etc, etc. and that you will not hold me liable for any and all damages or undesirable consequences of following this guide. That being said, this is pretty harmless and difficult to mess up.

So, lets go to the process

1. Download droidroidz’s kernel located HERE
2. Download Odin located HERE and extract to your desktop.

3. Depending on your phone, download FF18 stock kernel located HERE or FF24 stock kernel HERE

4. Power off phone, make sure it is completely off.

5. Press and hold power + volume down, (PRESS THE VOLUME DOWN BUTTON FOR A FEW SECONDS THEN PUSH AND HOLD THE POWER BUTTON) release when the odin screen comes up

6. Press volume up to accept their conditions or whatever they want.

7. Open odin, click on the “PDA” button, and select the droidroidz-v0.2.tar.md5

8. Connect your phone to your computer.

9. Make sure that odin shows a yellow com # in the ID:COM box on the left. If it doesn’t, you need to install drivers for your phone. These can be found HERE. (bottom of page, Manuals & Downloads tab, under Software, it’s the USB driver. 25.31MB in size)

10. Click start, this will flash the kernel to your phone.

11. Once it is finished, it will automatically reboot. Disconnect your USB cable

12. After it finishes booting, open the market and search for superuser. There should be a listing that needs to update. Install the update.

13. Search again for busy box installer. Download and install that app

14. Open the busy box installer app, close or ignore all the popups and crap. We just want to hit that button that says install busy box, all the drop boxes and options are set by default and do not need changing.

15. Once it has completed, power off your phone again.

16. Press and hold power + volume down again, release when the Odin screen comes up

17. Press volume up to accept

18. Open Odin, and this time under PDA, browse to SCH-R760_STOCK_KERNEL.tar

19. Reconnect your USB cable, make sure that Odin sees your phone again (the yellow COM port on the left)

20. Click start, this will flash the stock kernel back.

21. Once it is finished, the phone will reboot.

22. After it finishes booting, you should be golden, but to confirm you can go to the market and search for an app called root checker, this will test and make sure you have root.

23. Congratulations, was that so hard?!

I did not write this, just sharing the info. Thanks to Bru_1 for these instructions and a HUGE THANKS to mcdader for the FF24 Kernel.

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