Phone is a very essential commodity in today’s world. It helps us to stay in touch with our friends, family members and colleagues. It helps us to share images and videos with other people, calculate and solve and many more function. A normal people tend to have lots of data in the form of contacts, photos and videos.

But, what if somehow all of your data gets erased? It would be certainly a very daunting and haunting thing. If you have had a backup, then it would be easy to get back all the contacts and other . But what if you haven’t backup phone’s data? Moreover, most people don’t backup their data, what do if you face a similar situation?

Samsung phones has been one of the popular phones in the current market and has a very large share of mobile handsets. Devices from the Note series and S series has been highly successful. But if you somehow delete your data on samsung phones how will you recover? Unlike Windows, samsung phones doesn’t comes with recycle bin to store your deleted items. So how to retrieve the deleted items? So here we are with a guide on how to recover deleted files from samsung devices.

Whenever you delete any file from your phone, it doesn’t get permanently deleted. Instead, only the space allocated to the data is marked as blank (which can be used by other new files). The deleted file will still there in the internal memory after you delete until new data overwrites the space previously occupied by the files. It is really hard to retrieve data from internal storage compared to SD card, you can easily extract the deleted data with the help of data recovery tools. But it’s really hard to retrieve back files from the internal storage. But that’s no reason to worry, here comes Mobikin Doctor for Android to the Rescue!


With the help of Mobikin you can easily retrieve deleted files from both the internal and external memory storage in seconds without any alterations and limitations. Along with that you can use the tool to retrieve data from other phones such as HTC too!

How to recover data from Samsung phones?

If you are going to recover data from the internal memory of Samsung phones, rooting of the samsung phones is mandatory. You can google it out or search over XDA forums for the root of your device.

Then you will be required to enable the USB debugging feature on the phone. For Android users 4.2 and later, you need to tap the build number in about phone for about 3 three times. It will unlock a developer option part which can be accessed from the settings part. Then check the USB debugging. For Android users 2.3 and earlier, go to settings, then applications, then development and then check USB debugging.

After you check the debugging, connect your device to the computer. MoboKin doctor is currently present for both Windows and Mac platform. Once you connect it, it will show a run button, just click that.

You may have to click the ‘OK’ button to let the USB debugging start.

After it finishes searching, it will display all type of files such as contacts, MP3 files etc. The existence files and the deleted files will be marked in different colors for your convenience. Here you will only get to see the preview of the files and not the actual files. To get all the data on the desktop, just mark the deleted files you need and hit the ‘recover’ button. It will automatically save all your deleted data and files on desktop directly.