It is fascinating to see cock fights. The games are so popular in the Philippines that there is an entire tournament made for such a game. There was a growth in popularity that they made arenas for them. The halls were later smaller and could barely hold the untamed funs.

This made the game live streamed by various sites, and now fans can watch it worldwide. Many Sabong fans started making bets on the rooster they thought was likely to win. And have made a lot of extra cash, while others have won jackpots in seconds. If you want to be part of the lucky few, here are some tips to get you started on making some extra cash during your free time while having fun.

How Online Sabong Works

Online Sabong comes from an ancient game that the Philippines have enjoyed for decades hence “Sabong”, which means cockfighting. The game is played in a unique arena where a bloody battle takes place while you live from the comfort of your home. You are given time to make a bet with one of the roosters in the battleground, and you wait for the fight to begin.

The cock will fight a battle to the death. Some cocks are usually equipped with weapons to make the game more interesting. You must keep watching until the announcer announces one of the cocks as the winner. If the cock you picked wins, “Hurray!” You should celebrate, but if not, do not worry. There will be plenty of games to try out.

How to Play Smart

To be a “Pro”, you must know how to play smart. Sabong is a game of luck. However, there are a few ways that those who have managed to make a stable income from gambling sites have to follow. Here are some of the tips.

You should choose the right platform, such as online sabong in the philippines, to ensure you enjoy sabong from any part of the world. Also, ensure that the method of payment is convenient for you.

Learn how to bet responsibly. Remember that it’s never a guarantee that the cock you pick will win. You must learn how to distribute your bet over several games to minimize loss.

Study the winning pattern of the platform you’re using. At times, the sites change the winning patterns after two games which, if you study it right, you might win some extra cash.

You have to understand that some days lack is not on your side. Avoid playing while you are still losing. You must know that you will likely lose even more in such circumstances. Learn to walk away while you’re still ahead.

Key Individual

Like any wrestling match, Sabong games offered by various sites, such as online sabong in the philippines, have a referee who plays a key role and, at some point, will determine whether you win or lose. The referee is also known as “koyme”. They ensure that the games start as scheduled, and he is the one who faces off with the cocks against each other. The referee also calls out the winner after the competition has ended, and at times, he might call a draw when the cocks can no longer fight each other due to exhaustion.