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Today, many across the world are using mobile internet to discover new things through research. As a business, you need to consider creating a mobile-friendly website to attract more traffic and convert them into leads. Although, creating a mobile website alone does not assure automatic optimization as many business owners would think. Web design in Dubai experts can help with different aspects of optimizing the website to make it more appealing and user-friendly. Right from the font size, background color to the search bar on the mobile website can make a big difference.

Here are a few important steps involved in web design in Dubai for the effective performance of your mobile website and they include:

Knowledge of Mobile Content

Remember that there are rules and regulations for mobile browsing. You need to realize that your site usually gets accessed more often by people. Therefore, the content on your site should be able to answer different possible questions that may be raised by your visitors.

Full-screen features are not convenient to many people hence you should aim at using small screen features. The content of your mobile website should be brief and clear for an appealing appearance. Very long contents discourage many people from the first point of view because they may not make sense.

Engagement with the Visitors

Internet users usually require assessing the important information on the website and that is always your contact information. What many visitors do if they lack what they need on your website is to do away with it. Therefore, it is important to create a way in which your visitors can get in touch with you in case of an inquiry.

Most people who have their mobile websites prefer using Mobile Action Bar that is responsible for showing your social media links, phone number, physical address, and email. This gives your site an indication that visitors are welcome and free to make contact with you.


A navigation menu is supposed to be utilized in an efficient way for space maximization. No error should be made here because you are mostly required to make the most out of small screens. The most important thing to consider is the choice of your style, color, effects, and fonts.

Your choice should depend on the type of content you are to display on the site because official contents require unique and more formal styles.

Image Optimization

Attractive images should be applied for your mobile website to give your visitors an eye-catching experience. The images can be used to enhance the design as well as user experience. It is important to make sure that you don’t exaggerate much on your website as many people hate fake things.

No dull images should be used as this will prevent the site from attracting the customers.


A website may decline in popularity if its contents cannot be easily read by the site visitors. However, this does not only imply that the problem is due to the font size but also other different fonts that may affect the visitor’s reading experience. Unnecessary and very large information should be excluded since it may affect people’s readability as most need short and brief information.

Spacing and color contrast are also other factors that can participate mostly in terms of readability of your website contents. There should be a harmonious combination of your colors. Each color used should not contradict with the other but should complement.

Make sure that you leave enough space between paragraphs and also in the middle of texts.

Shortcut Search Creation within the Website

A mobile website involves a quick search to obtain results faster. It is very tiresome to browse on mobile web than on a PC. However, including a search bar on your site will make it easier for your visitors to quickly type what they need. This is less time consuming as it reduces some stages a visitor must pass through to get access.

Provide an Easy Path to Visitors

Many successful websites are found to involve their visitors in some kind of questions. When it comes to mobile websites, it should be noted clearly that these questions should be brief. Unnecessary information provided in this case should be gotten rid of. This is because many people do not like keying on a mobile phone than on a PC.

Make sure that your website should have a way to interact with the visitors to achieve their responses and feedbacks. If you are to use forms, ensure minimizing the number of fields.

Before activating your mobile website, make sure that you keenly follow the discussed steps above to enhance success for your mobile website. Consider minimizing or doing away with complex content on a website for the benefit of your visitors. This is because the first impression usually matters a lot.