There are no second thoughts that videos are winning the marketing game. Almost every business is utilizing videos to engage new customers and increase business sales constantly. As per the analysis, it is found that by 2022, 82% of the customer’s traffic will be due to amazing videos, which is 15 times more than the traffic in 2017.

As the demand for video is increasing day by day, marketers’ usage of the video marketing strategy is also on the rise. Now, the main question that arises in most of our minds is, how to make our video stand apart? How to catch visitors’ eyes with our video on the first go? Well! That’s where video SEO comes into play.

If your videos are highly optimized, then it would be easier for you to reach a large audience and engage them for better conversions. If you think that video SEO is the same as regular SEO, then it’s important for you to understand that it’s not the case. Both work on different algorithms and help you generate fruitful results. Almost every motion graphics company is focusing on video optimization besides quality to generate excellent results in minimal time.

Are you also excited to optimize your videos to keep them in the top searches of Google?

So, let’s dive into the ways to optimize your videos for a better search.

7 Different Ways to Optimize your videos for better SEO

Let’s begin…

1- Select the right video platform

If you really want your video to rank higher on Google, then it is important to focus on the video hosting platform you choose. Say if your main focus is to gain traffic and generate leads, then you will choose a video platform like Wistia. It allows you to add SEO-friendly content like metadata which further helps in improving the video ranking.

But if you aim to boost brand awareness, then you will preferably go with Youtube and Vimeo.

Whenever you index videos on such platforms, it is important for you to understand that once your videos are indexed, most of the traffic will visit on these platforms compared to your own website. So, make sure you choose the platform as per your objective.

2- Choose the Right Keywords and Titles

When it comes to SEO, then keywords and titles play a great role in improving your video ranking. It is almost similar to the concept of adding keywords in blogs. In the case of video optimization, you need to add keywords in your video titles, metatags, and meta description.

You can use different tools like Ubersuggest, Ahref, etc., to find strong keywords.

Also, whenever you create a title or meta description, make sure it is clear, concise, and captivating at the same time. Because if you have a stronghold on titles and keywords, you can easily improve the ranking of your video and escalate your business ROI.

3- Make Engaging Thumbnail Image

Thumbnail is basically a small image that you will see at the time of video search results. This small element will have a huge impact on making people click your videos and watch them for longer. Remember, the higher the number of click-through rates, the more the chances to convert visitors into leads.

As per the statistics, 40% of more engagement is seen on the videos having impressive video thumbnails. If you wish that your video is attractive and productive, then it is important to incorporate relevant and engaging video thumbnails. Say if it is not as per your video standards, then you might not get the results as per your expectations.

4- Incorporate Video Transcript

Another way with which you can optimize your video script is by including a video transcript into it. You will be surprised to know that 85% of the videos on Facebook are watched without any sound effects.

Therefore, it is important to keep such an audience in mind while creating high-quality videos. Therefore to attract the people who want to consume videos without sound, you need to include video transcripts. It is basically a text which will be displayed in videos as a caption. It will allow the audience to watch videos at different places.

Video transcripts not only attract a wider audience but also allow search bots to index videos which will further improve the video ranking on Google.

5- Avoid adding Video in Multiple Pages

Before we discuss this point in detail, it is important for you to know that Google only crawls one video on a single web page. For example, you are publishing the same video on different platforms, but Google will only index a single video and rank it accordingly. It is the same as competing against yourself.

So, always try to post videos on a page that is relevant to each other because positioning videos unnecessary on web pages sounds illogical and might also affect your ranking.

6- Focus on Video length

If you want your videos to be consistent and highly optimized, don’t miss defining your videos’ height and width in your HTML and CSS. This way, browsers can allocate bandwidth without any extra work.

Moreover, try to keep minimal video length as it will not only improve user experience but also inspire the users to stay till the end and make a decision. Also, short videos do not need enough storage space and can easily be accessed from different personalized devices.

7- Convert videos to HTML5 supported formats

Last but not least, the way that will help you create an optimized video is by converting the video files into HTML5 formats like WebM, MP4, etc. To proceed with this task, you can use an online video converter. Moreover, HTML5 allows the developers to deliver video content without using plugins.

So, make sure your videos are stored in the right format, as it directly affects the ranking of your video.

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The Final Verdict

Hopefully, by following the above points, you can ensure that your videos are highly optimized. Following these steps, you can rank your video higher on Google that will further be discovered by a large audience easily.

If you are new to video production, you can always join hands with a professional video production company to grow your business via video marketing.

So, get up and make sure your videos are optimized and ranked well for your target keywords.

Happy video optimization!