How to Market Your Business by Thinking Outside of the Box


Getting a business to stand out in the 21st century isn’t a straightforward task because of the vastness of competition. While many traditional marketing strategies promote a business’ brand, they won’t always set a company apart from its rivals. Establishing a brand and a social media presence is fundamental within the digital era, but it’s now paramount to go above and beyond to provide an unrivaled customer-focused approach. So, let’s look at three strategies that can make a difference.


Within modern-day society, the gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing markets, highlighting the popularity of interactive sectors. Because of that, the concept of gamification has come to the fore in marketing. By definition, Digital Marketing World Forum describes the strategy as introducing gameplay mechanics into a business’ operations, such as levels and rankings. At the time of writing, several world-renowned brands use gamification, including Nike, who do so with their Nike+ FuelBand.

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Concerning how gamification works, the concept taps into humanity’s competitive nature to enhance consumer engagement and form relationships. According to Neil Patel, this strategy helps to generate desired behaviors by providing a path to the mystery. Completing challenges in pursuit of a higher ranking, for example, brings a sense of fun to the digital world that’s often lacking with other marketing techniques.


While gamification can act as a standalone strategy, business owners can also combine its bonuses. Such a technique has become increasingly common in recent years, but it first rose to prominence in the all-action online casino sector. At Genesis Casino, a mobile online casino, registered users are eligible to receive various bonuses. The platform awards new users with an exclusive welcome promotion consisting of free cash and spins. Not only that, but existing bettors also get the Lightspeed Monday, Live Casino Cashback Bonus, and Weekly Bonus Mission offers.

Like gamification, bonuses incentivize consumers and encourage them to engage with promotion-offering businesses. As B2B Marketing states, promotions are pivotal in staying ahead of competitor companies and getting customers onside. Given that rival corporations are likely to offer similar products, bonuses encourage consumers to shop with you and remain loyal for the long term.

Live Streams

It’s no secret that live streaming has become the latest internet phenomenon within the 21st century. Because the concept is all the rage, forward-thinking businesses should seek to integrate the strategy into their marketing plans. The video-orientated tool is beginning to capture business owners’ attention, with 28 percent more marketers investing in live streaming.

Live streaming not only gives a business a digital presence, but it goes a step further than them merely corresponding via text on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Statistically, four in five people are more likely to spend their time watching a video, making video streaming a must-use marketing tool in the digital era.

Offer Consumers Something Different

In the 21st century, few can argue that the above approaches shouldn’t be a business’ marketing priorities. With the competition now fiercer than ever, adopting traditional strategies will only get a company so far. Because of that, you shouldn’t shy away from thinking outside of the box and incentivizing repeat custom with bonuses or engaging with customers over a live video.

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