Quick Guide on How to Make Money with Your Writing Skills


Writing skills are mostly innate or inborn. That’s the reason why just everyone can’t be a good writer. You can learn writing from a journalism college but that’s not the same as your natural ones.

And if you’re among those people blessed with amazing writing skills, here’s my quick guide to make money with these.

There’re several ways to make money with your writing skills. Here I will list all of them, so you can start right away.

How to Make Money with Writing Skills

Even if you’re a superb writer, you’ll still have to define the niche where you wish to make money. That’s because there’re countless niches and for obvious reasons, you can’t become a master of each one of these. Therefore, here’re some top ways to make money with your writing skills.

Content Writer

Content writing is a skill that’s always in demand. You can work as a content writer with an organization or as a freelancer. In fact, most content writers freelance because it’s very profitable. If you want to make a career in the vast field of content writing, you can have many options to explore. You can find 30+ content writing jobs on SureJob that don’t require a particular degree, you’ll just need some superb skills for researching various subjects. Generally, you’ll have to define a niche for content writing. That way, you can focus on only one subject and other related ones. Generally, content buyers include companies that require it for their websites, bloggers, and social media marketers.

7 Best Content Writing Tips


Blogging is the best way to make money with your writing skills. You can start a free blog on any website such as Wix.com WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr among others. Write amazing, interesting and relevant content on any subject of your choice. It could be something to do with your profession or anything from your hobbies and passions. The income of a blogger can be infinite. Several top bloggers have also become millionaires. It’s very easy to learn blogging. If you wish, you can also open a blogsite by buying a paid domain name and website hosting.


If you have a nose for news combined with excellent writing skills, you can make money by working as a journalist. This can also be an online job if the news media company is hiring remote reporters and correspondents. Additionally, working as a journalist is very respectable. You come in contact with some of the top people for conducting interviews. You can find lots of vacancies for journalists at JournalismJobs.com. You’ll have to present news in an impartial manner, with all facts and figures where necessary.


If you’re fond of reading books, dining out, watching movies, playing video games, and so on, you can find excellent writing jobs as a reviewer. This is where your skills can be combined with your passions to make money. Generally, reviewers work for websites and news media organizations. They also work for publishing houses to review and rate books. A reviewer’s job can be really fun. For example, if you’re a food reviewer, your employer could ask you to dine at a restaurant and write reviews. Or watch the latest movie and review it for their readers and viewers.

Travel Writer

This is a very exciting and very lucrative job. Travel writers work with travel and tourism companies, airlines, travel magazines, TV channels, and news media outlets. As a travel writer, you’ll be going to amazing places either within the country or outside. You’ll taste local food, live at top hotels, understand the local culture and tradition and write about these. Normally, the employer pays for all your expenses. This means you get to enjoy a domestic or international destination almost free of cost and get paid for it too.


There was a time when getting your own book published took a lot of time such as several months or even years. Now, it’s possible to write a book and get it published almost instantly, thanks to Kindle Desktop Publishing, a service from Amazon, the single largest online store in the world. KDP provides a lot of free resources that you can use to write your story and create it into a book. You can also make a lot of money by selling the book online through Amazon, in digital format, or printed copies. Some authors have made as much as $500,000 by selling books on Amazon, through KDP.

Other Ways to Make Money from Writing Skills

Then there’re a couple of more ways to make money from your writing skills. Here I will enumerate them.

  • Copywriter: by writing copies for advertising and publicity.
  • Script Writer: making scripts for movies and documentaries based on stories.

If these are your skills, it’s also possible to make money by working at any of the two positions, either for an employer or as a freelancer.

In Conclusion

As you can see, making money from your writing skills is simple. All it requires is some extra effort, inclination, and time. You can be rich and famous too if you become a successful journalist, blogger, or author. In fact, there’re several people such as JK Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter who rose from rags to riches merely by writing. Overall, writing is a noble profession where you part with your knowledge to another. And it’s an evergreen profession because content or writings are never out of season. Even during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in mid-2020, the demand for content rose by a whopping 23 percent.

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