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1. Familiar with different brand designs.

Collate the online auction results database. Learn about the watch you want to buy. Look for photos and selling prices of famous watches on these databases. Study the typical design style of manufacturers. Familiar with a brand name, common watch details, and watchband. Know what you are looking for and you will not be cheated by fake products.

For example, Rolex watches have no glass back cover except for rare watches produced in the 1930s. Instead, they have a metal backing. Tag Heuer has the title “Swiss Made” at the bottom of the dial. The front of Rolex watches has “Cyclops” or small square glass. It makes the date look larger.

2. Find the official serial number on the watch.

Please note that letters and numbers printed somewhere on the watch. This number matches the number provided on the case or warranty. Ensure that watch clearly laser etched and printed any number or label.

For example, an Omega watch has a serial number on the bottom. These numbers are laser etched. They should match the serial number on the warranty card.

3. Keep skeptical about watches with a simple watchband.

Please note that the overall design of the famous brand watches is more complicated. There may not be a simple watchband. Looking for complex and consistent designs on the chain or watch chain of a watch. These usually indicate that it is a luxury rather than a fake product.

For example, Tag Heuer watches use two sets of links on their watchbands. While fake watches may only use one link. Omega and Rolex watch usually have at least 3 links or cylindrical watchbands.


1. Buy new brand-name watches that have not been resold.

The best way to avoid fake watches is to buy them from authorized dealers. Although it is more expensive than second-hand purchases. A new watch will have all the documents and serial numbers to verify its authenticity. Please search online or contact the manufacturer to search an authorized dealer for your favorite watch.

2. Carefully check the serial number provided by the manufacturer.

Maybe you buy a second-hand watch or a watch on auction. Please check the serial number with the manufacturer before buying Watch. Search online or call a customer service representative to check the serial number.

3. Ask the appraiser to identify the authenticity of the product.

Please give the watch to a professional appraiser before buying it. An honest seller will not hesitate to let you evaluate the watch. Please search online or contact a senior watch distributor to find an appraiser in your area. In addition, the appraiser may also provide you with some reference opinions on the price.


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