5 Killer Tips to Host a Giveaway on your Blog Effectively – [How to]


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One of the great ways to attract mass visitors to your blog is by hosting successful Giveaways. If done properly Giveaways can giveaway better and awesome results. Hang on, as we explore the successful guide to host your Giveaway!

The word “Free” is one of the most magical words in the entire English Word Kingdom. Just simply because it attracts an enormous amount of people to it, and thereby making your stuff, which can be your own portal and giving a boost in your website’s usual traffic.

Sticking to the topic, we are here to provide you an awesome guide to host Giveaways in your website. People almost love winning prizes and when it is free, most of them would love to give a try at it.Running a giveaway is a fantastic way to get people to your site and beat up some excitement for your products.

Well, it also depends proportionally on what product are you hosting in your giveaway and the ability to promote the giveaway among the Social Media.

The biggest benefit of running an online giveaway is simply to increase your fan rate, that is increase in Facebook “Likes”, twitter “Followers” and Rss “Subscribers”. Didn’t get it? Let me give you an example. Lets say, you are hosting a giveaway in which you are offering a free HTC One, with the conditions being to share your website to their friends and friends, therefore creating a wide network of your website, which indirectly brings you a mass number of visitors. It is also helpful to get more private advertisers.

Another positive thing is that of increased readers. Well this doesn’t assures you a regular increase in your readers. For example, if you host 100 giveaways, there are chances of getting almost 8-10 loyal readers who would love to visit your website again and again.

To ensure that your giveaway is successful , here are some great tips to help you with the “Giveaway” stuff, and in turn how to be successful with that. So here we go!

1. Deciding the Goals

So, this is one of the most basic and important features of your website. Well, to start with it, let say you are running a Tech/Android portal, it would be highly recommended that for hosting, you should go with any tech-related stuff. Gizmos such as Phones, Music Players is highly recommended.
Be sure that the stuff you are hosting, should be new in the markets. As no one would love to try their hands at old and outdated stuffs.
Do finalize what do you want to get from the giveaway and pen it down.

2. Finding an Awesome Prize

Well, this is just a sub-section of the upper part. As said, earlier you should focus on what stuff you would stick with and whether it is running well in the markets or not.

3. Finding Sponsors

It might be a very difficult task if you are handling a new portal, and getting into sponsorship. So we would suggest that you should stick with one of the easiest way, which is purchase the prize yourself. If you blog is successful and making good profits, it’s not a bad idea to spend some bucks into it.

After all, it is a good investment to promote your blog and to increase your subscriber base. As said, running a good blog is like running a business.But still if you don’t want to prize yourself, then it would be highly recommended that you should announce in your portal, that you are hosting a giveaway( 1 Week before the Giveaway). If you are operating a medium-sized blogs, then it will be no tough for getting into any sponsors. But if your blog is just a start-up, that might create some hefty problems in finding sponsors.

4.Choosing a Deadline

Choosing a deadline is very important as it is the golden time for people for try their luck with it. The more the number of days, the more traffic you can get. If it is too short, then you won’t have enough time to promote it.  We  suggest that you should keep the deadline between 2 weeks, that is the average rate, every portal usually go with.

5. Promoting your Giveaway

Promoting is the your last part for the Giveaway part. As mentioned above, promoting is one of the roots of this plan, so no promoting will give you very fewer visitors. Here are a number of blogs and websites out there whose sole purpose is to promote giveaways. I am listing some of the top sites here:

  • 1. Online Sweepstakes
  • 2. Contest Corner
  • 3. Contest Girl
  • 4. Sweeps Advantage

There are many other websites to promote with.

Most of the traffic from these websites are freebies, so if you want to convert them into one of your loyal readers, then it is highly recommended that you should provide top-notch material.
NOTE: The Portal’s Design and Theme also provides a greater extent of change in your visitor’s mind.

Additional Tip: Announcing the Winner

Announcing the winner not only, clears the confusion about Who-is-the-winner but also reveals the shade of authenticity, to which visitors can rely on your website.
Note : Do mention in your post to leave back their email ID, so you can contact them in future as if they are the winners.

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    Well, first of all do consider that your blog is a medium sized blog, achieving at least 3000 views per day, a week before your giveaway, announce in your blog, that you are going to host a giveaway and spread it on the social media, by this way, you can attract a lots of sponsors from there!

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