Hiding last name in Facebook profile has never been easy. But by following this tiny tutorial, you can hide or remove last name in your profile in Facebook. You can also use this method to hide your middle name with the same hack. By default, Facebook doesn’t allow to remove the last/middle name for most of the countries. Hence, it was a hectic job. This method is working with a simple hack on IP. Here you are actually masking your location and enter into Indonesian IP where removal of last name is allowed.

Actually, I had posted on the same topic some days ago. But all of those IP addresses got blocked by Facebook itself and we couldn’t use the method. I’ve got a new IP address which is working fine for this tutorial. So, follow me to hide your last name in Facebook without any glitch.


  • Mozilla Firefox (Recommended) or Google Chrome
  • Permission to Access to your Facebook Profile
  • A little bit of time.

How To Hide/Remove Last Name in Facebook

First of all, make sure you have installed Mozilla Firefox browser in your PC. You can also do the same with Google Chrome. But I recommend Firefox for hassle free workout. Here we go,


  • Open Firefox and move on to Options > AdvancedNetwork Settings.


general settings tab
  • Now Under Connection Settings , Choose Manual Proxy Configuration and insert HTTP Proxy and Port as follows. Proxy –, port – 80. You can see the screenshot below. Don’t forget to mark the option “Use this proxy server for all protocols”. 
changing IP address im firefox


  • NOTE : The above mentioned IP and Port addresses are last checked on 2nd May 2013 and confirmed as working. In case if it does not work, click here and find an Indonesian Proxy and implement there. That’s all.
  • In order to check whether you have successfully changed your IP to Indonesian one, Click Here and verify it. If you did it correctly, you may see something like this.
changed to Indonesian IP


  • Now open your Facebook account and move into the bottom part of the page. You may see your current language there. It might be in English (if you didn’t change it earlier). You have to click there and change it to Bahasa Indonesia. (It’s a must)
  • After changing your language, go to General settings Page (Click Here) and remove your last/middle name and insert password to save. Done. 😀 You can refer below how it looks like.
Hiding last name in facebook


Hope you could hide your name using this simple tweak. After saving your profile change, go to connection settings again and reset the IP to default or just click automatic IP detection. In case you don’t have Mozilla Firefox, just do the same settings in Google Chrome via LAN Settings. You can also see my profile screenshot above.

Do share this if it helped you and also leave your comments whether it worked for you. 😀 Have a blast and amaze your friends.

Credits : This hack is not invented by me and the source is TheLacunaBlog. Thanks for the tutorial. 


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  1. Hi Sid,
    This trick works! But does it against Facebook TOS?
    How does this idea bloomed on your mind? 😉
    But the proxy you had given to me is very slow!
    Thanks for sharing this useful information among us!

    • Sid Reply

      Happy to see you here brother. Btw, of course it’s against fb TOS and that’s why they’re blocking IPs vigorously. Hence it’s quite a kind of hack. I know the IP seemed to be bit slow but as it’s only used for few minutes, it doesn’t matter. As I said, do change the IP to rheumatoid default after this procedure. Have a blast and keep visiting.

    • Sid Reply

      Haha, that’s true Abhishek bro. Glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting asd spending time to comment. 😀

  2. Wow this is amazing and informative. I have followed this steps and successfully changed my facebook name. although the process is a little bit complicated, I managed to get through. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

  3. Awesome again i just now started to read blog here and i found them really cool and helpful keep it up .

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