How to Grow Your Cleaning Business: Avail Maid Service Software


Service companies are in short supply and the demand is high. But, starting a cleaning company or other service industry must be done correctly to succeed. Do some homework and read about others who have started successful businesses similar to the one you want to start. Get advice from experts right at the beginning. Read about established cleaning service owners and look for the keys to their success, then copy them.

Starting a Cleaning Business and Maid Service

There are a lot of homeowners and renters who do not like to clean but want clean homes or businesses. They will hire the right cleaning service. If you set up your cleaning business correctly, you can succeed and keep growing. As you grow, good bookkeeping and organizational software will be musts. One such software company is Avail Maid Service Software at This software lets customers find maid services and helps the cleaning service owner keep track of all aspects of their growing business.

Some advice for starting a cleaning business includes:

  • Start small by doing the cleaning yourself. This way, you learn the business from the bottom up. Ask friends and acquaintances for references or to clean their homes or businesses, then build from there. This is a good way to determine the best methods and products to use for cleaning jobs. You can start earning a good reputation and building clients. Then, hire help as you get big cleaning jobs and the business grows.
  • Be realistic when setting your cleaning business budget. Have enough start-up money at the beginning. Sit down and list all the business expenses that will be encountered and allow for them. There will be cleaning products, payroll, traveling, equipment expenses, licensing fees, insurance, advertising, taxes, and more.
  • Do the research to find the best cleaning equipment and products to use. Modern customers are very interested in having environmentally friendly, safe cleaning products used in their homes and businesses. Consider preventing cross-contamination between clients and sanitation procedures.
  • Choose the right name for your business. It should describe your company, be easy to remember and spell, be unique, have the ability to grow with your business, and sound good. Then, do an internet search to make sure no one is using that name.
  • Get all the licensing, insurance, banking, and other organizational paperwork done. You will need a tax number.
  • Set reasonable prices and business policies for your business and customers. Customer service should be a top priority, think happy customers.
  • Shop for a good cleaning service software such as
  • Research fair pay rates for employees and treat your employees well. Train new employees well and give bonuses for good performance.

Independent or Part of a Franchise?

You can be an independent company or opt to be part of an established franchise. Do some research to find the pros and cons of each business model. If you choose to be an independent company, find a good niche or market for your work. Choose a market you are confident you can serve well and will have enough clients to support the company and stick to it.

One hard decision to make on a regular basis is which clients to take and which ones to turn down. There are some jobs that will be undesirable for one reason or another. Focus on those jobs that you know will be profitable and pleasant to do. This comes back to limiting your job range or niche. If you don’t want to get bogged down with paperwork and need to find customers online, it is a good idea to get some good maid service software right from the beginning.


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