Are you hoping to reach tons of new customers, receive more leads, and boost your profit using your businesses’ website? Then you should boost your Google ranking.


Make sure your standing out from competitors and raising your website’s visibility by learning how to get your website on the first page of Google. In this guide, we’ll let you in on some tips and tricks to help get you started.

Great Keywords Are Key

To boost your search engine ranking, you’ll want to determine the keywords you’ll use to do so. These can be words or phrases that your potential website visitors may be searching in order to find your products or services.

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Once you’ve determined the most effective keywords for searches, use your website pages to target a different set of keywords, working not to let your pages compete with one another. While integrating keywords into your website, you should do certain things to make it easier for Google to scan your website.

Placing keywords in your website titles can help, as can including them in your meta descriptions. This is the text that shows up under your title on Google’s search results page. Your meta descriptions should work to tell not only Google but your customer what your page is about.

Your page links, or URLs, are also a great place to make sure your keywords are present. A URL that matches the page title is better suited for the first page of the search engine and is also much cleaner, and in turn, more trustworthy to searchers.

Make sure your images all have alt tags, or text alternatives, as this is the only way Google can scan your images. Including your keywords in your alt tags will boost your relevancy to Google, which will increase your ranking.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

While keywords are incredibly important to insert into certain areas of your website, don’t overdo it. When writing your website body content, include your keyword, but not too often. This is a term referred to as keyword stuffing and Google can detect this and it will negatively affect your ranking.

This is important to keep in mind for your Google ranking as well as your website visitors. Include your keywords in your website content where they can be naturally incorporated to keep audiences on your pages and coming back for more. Make sure your website content is informative and engaging by making it conversational and easy to read.

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How to Get Your Website On the First Page of Google

Now that you know how to get your website on the first page of Google using keywords, you can get started today. Make sure that potential customers can find you on this popular search engine with ease by including your keywords into specific areas of your website pages without overdoing it. Gain new customers and boost your profits with these tips and tricks.

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