How to Get Real Instagram Followers in 2022


As one of the star social networks, for many individuals and businesses, Instagram is the ideal tool for building and growing their brand. Nevertheless, with millions of successful profiles on the platform from every corner of the world, to stand out and find the people who will be interested in what you are offering, takes time, work, and above all, knowledge. Because of that, for most, creating a big community around their brand is challenging.

When you are on a quest to grow your following, it can be easy to forget that your focus is real people. This is important because there are many tools out there that can help you increase your numbers fast. Most of them, however, use fake accounts and bots, which won’t make a difference in your results and may even harm your account, since the platform is determined to emphasize real connections and “human” use.

Here we offer some techniques you can use to achieve important results on your account.

Invest in the Right Tools

Whether you have been struggling to get the right people to notice your content, or you are just opening your Instagram account and you want to start strong, a growth agency can help you get the desired results faster and better. This doesn’t mean paying for services that will inflate your numbers with fake followers and bots.

For instance, according to a Path Social review, this experienced growth agency not only offers its own AI targeting algorithm to help you get your content to the right people but it also has in-house experts and a network of influencers, who closely follow the changes and trends of the platform. They will work with you to boost your numbers with real users that are truly interested in what you are offering.

The fact of the matter is that to grow your account it’s likely that you will have to invest in your strategy. Even though social media is free, to make the most of it – reach more people, achieve higher engagement rates, increase sales – it’s a good idea to turn to reliable services that will help you grow organically – with real followers that bring real engagement.

Create the Right Content

As a business, all of your marketing efforts, including your Instagram account, are probably aimed to increase your sales. However, sharing content that focuses on the products or services that you are trying to sell, is a common mistake. Instead, take a page of popular personal accounts’ book, and use content to promote a more human and personal side of your brand.

This will humanize your business and make you more relatable. Emotions play a big role in people’s Instagram behavior. They are much more likely to follow you and engage with your content if it speaks to them personally, inspires them, motivates them, makes them curious, teaches them, and entertains them.

While it can be extremely hard to be completely original, being honest, showing your values, showing who is behind your brand, telling your stories, will help you connect with your followers and create strong, lasting, and fruitful relationships with them.

Interact With Followers

Responding to comments, even the negative ones, is another method you can use to strengthen the relationship with your audience. This is one of the best ways to show your followers that you appreciate them, their opinions, and the fact that they have dedicated their time to you. It will also help you in your effort to humanize your brand.

Use Instagram’s Features

Instagram is a very diverse social network and its users are very active. Aside from sharing photos and videos, use hashtags, stories, and live streaming to keep followers interested. These features can create a lot of engagement. However, you also need to be careful how you use them.

For instance, hashtags can be useful, but they can also be harmful. Using a lot in a post can look unpleasant and annoy people but more importantly, it will be recognized as a spamming technique. Moreover, you should avoid the very popular and typical hashtags, especially those that have become irritating and obsolete. Instead, combine less used ones with more popular ones. Also, don’t forget to create hashtags for your brand.

Offer Your Followers Real Benefits

To encourage your followers to engage with you, you can offer something in return, such as discounts or gifts. This is how many businesses inspire user-generated content. It’s a strategy that can bring you real followers and improve your overall results.


Instagram is crucial for businesses today because, with the right strategies, it can help them gain loyal customers, improve and grow. Incorporating these methods in your strategy can help you have a successful account and get closer to your desired results.

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