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In this article, we will not talk about the trends for which it is worth making a video – they are changing too quickly, and even if you see this article just a month after its publication, this kind of advice will turn out to be harmful. Instead, we’ll focus on more general-purpose tips to help promote any account in the recommendation feed.

Create an attractive account.

Both algorithms and users love engaging, detailed accounts. An account is your face on TikTok. Try to make it as interesting and friendly as possible, attracting your target audience and grow Tiktok views quick.

Choice of name.

On TikTok, each account has a unique name. Of course, all the simplest ones are already taken, so you have to work hard, come up with a unique nickname for yourself on this social network. However, not everything is so bad – the name may contain numbers, underscores, and some other symbols that make the nickname unique. The main criteria for a good channel name are:

  • uniqueness;
  • relevance to the topic;
  • readability.

If possible, include a word that hints at the topic of your account. For example, if you are showing DIY videos, then you can include the same abbreviation in the title. However, this is not necessary – practice shows that the recommendations often come across videos from authors who named the channel simply by their first and last name.


In most cases, the best choice for an avatar is a photo of your face. It is not worth posing in full growth for an avatar – it is small, and people will not understand what is depicted there.

In the photo, you must be in the image that your channel supports. It is undesirable to put drawn pictures or photographs of other people on the avatar. Also, do not set a photo of things and landscapes as an avatar.

Account description.

TikTok descriptions can contain quite a few words, but users (and algorithms) prefer channels with short descriptions (80-100 characters). Please state your industry, interests or motto here. You can increase the length of the description at the expense of familiar, and therefore easily readable phrases – for example, a call to subscribe.

Pay attention to your appearance and demeanor.

You don’t have to be pretty on TikTok to get featured. But charisma and basic self-care will be required. Be sure to film with clean hair and teeth. Can you do It is visually pleasing with the help of makeup (this applies to both girls and guys – in TikTok, users are very loyal to men’s makeup), but not necessarily – if you feel insecure with makeup, it is better to give it up. Practice your acting skills in front of the mirror, do some trial takes. Charisma on TikTok is valued more than conforming to generally accepted beauty standards.

Create original content.

Yes, algorithms are very fond of timely trend videos. But this does not mean that they do not skip more original content – on the contrary! Users will appreciate a breath of fresh air in the stream of the same type of trend videos. A large number of views (and searches) will demonstrate to algorithms that people like fresh content and your videos will appear more often in recommendations.

Show something new and different.

If you have a creative streak, take a fresh approach to create clips. Do what no one else has done before. Provide an interesting perspective on a popular question. Showcase your unique skills. Following trends is, of course, important, but you won’t be able to build original content only on them.

Create videos with a storyline.

Yes, on TikTok you have to have fun and “rest your brains”. But that shouldn’t stop you from creating meaningful and plot-rich content. Publish short stories, movies that are a few seconds long. Interesting and thoughtful content is always in trend. Subscribers will appreciate the creativity and your dedication. Use services for Tiktok promotion for instant growth of your account.


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