How to Find a Business for Sale

Last Updated on October 17, 2018

Finding businesses for sale is often a challenging task, as the market for such deals is often secretive. Despite its anonymity, it’s where the sale of most fairly-priced, mature, small and midsize profitable businesses takes place. Owners of businesses that meet this criterion rarely advertise the sale of their business.

Even though most sellers are not in the market, they are keen on meeting interested buyers to sell their business discreetly. Rarely will they admit that their businesses are up for sale to buyers who are unfamiliar with the process of buying a business. Your success in finding small and midsized businesses for sale will result in considerable savings on your time and money. Here are a few tips to enable you to find businesses for sale easily.

Online Marketplaces

Numerous online marketplaces exist where you can meet potential businesses posted for sale. In these marketplaces, you can conduct your search for the kind of business that you desire. You can check out the different listings in the industry of your choice to establish the most viable opportunities. For instance, if you’re interested in a business within the state of Florida, you could use the search phrase business for sale in Miami.

You can send a request for additional information that will alert the seller. The seller will then learn of your interest and get back to you. Setting up an account on most online marketplace sites is simple. However, not all of them are genuine. You will need to exercise caution when searching for the appropriate website to seek a deal. In most cases, the websites are just as good as the sellers and brokers make them out to be. However, it is still essential that you employ your best judgment when settling on your choice of site.

Auction Sites

Auction sites resemble business marketplaces. The difference is that potential buyers have the opportunity to place their bids on the sites with the winner getting to finalize the deal with the seller. The advantage of such sites for the seller is that they help to attract greater interest to the websites and higher demand as such which serves to increase the selling price of their business. Some sellers are often unaware of the worth of their businesses. With an auction, the seller can get competitive quotes from prospective buyers. He or she is then able to reach a deal at a reasonable price.

That being said, you should keep in mind that businesses for sale on auction sites are not always pre-vetted. This means that you need to be cautious and do some due diligence before making a competitive bid on any business.

Making Direct Visits to Businesses

Another great strategy for finding a business for sale involves paying a visit to existing businesses and finding out whether the sellers would be interested in selling them. It is common for some businesspeople to consider selling their business once they come across an offer. Others could be selling, and your visit happens to be a coincidence at a fortuitous time. Even if the owner of a business is not willing to sell their business, he or she could know of someone selling theirs and refer you to them.

Business sellers will in some cases approach fellow businesspeople with the news of their sale. The reason is that owners of existing businesses are more likely to purchase another one, as they already have the experience and maybe looking to expanding their operations.