Getting access to fast and unflinching internet reception is one thing that the 5G network aims to achieve. And staying connected on your cell could be easy if you know where the cell phone towers are in your area.

And since the 5G network is new, you may not be familiar with any of its cell tower locations in your area. But you can bet there are ways to pinpoint the strongest cell phone reception in your locale. You can check this guide to locating 5G cell towers if you are in a hurry. But, before I let you in on that, let’s first talk briefly about the 5G network.

What is 5G Network?

It is a 5th generation mobile network that serves as a follow up to the 4G launched in December of 2009. With the introduction of the 5th gen in October of 2019 in China, there’s a growing need to connect with the latest mobile network. And with the lockdown across the world the following year as a result of the COVID-19, there are areas without any coverage or poor reception.

But if you live in cities that have already launched the network, there is a good chance you already enjoy the lightning-fast connection. And if you are not sure if you have one installed in your city, you best look it up online.

Benefits of 5G Cell Phone Network

As you imagined, faster connectivity with the internet, but that’s not all you stand to benefit from the 5G network. Some of the plus sides of 5 gen internet connectivity include

Improved Speed

Compared to 4G, you can expect to notice an increase in internet speed, and there is no doubt it could be a fantastic experience for you if you are particular about internet speed. While transferring a large-sized movie or application could take less time with the 4G LTE, you can expect the 5G to be over 100 times that of its predecessor. You can check this page for more on the projected speed levels of the 5th generational network.

Low Latency

In connectivity, latency is used to describe the time taken for the signal to move from the source to the receiver and then back again. Over the years, one of the main aims of switching to new generational technology for mobile connectivity has been to reduce latency time.

A high latency time is why many remote applications that require a fast and steady signal connection will find 5G to be of importance. This includes machine-to-machine type communication common for gamers, logistics, manufacturing, health, and many other industries will find it useful.

Enhanced Capacity

You can ensure that with a combination of speed and reduction in lag time, there will be an enhanced user experience performance with internet-enabled devices. This will include household appliances such as security cameras and home wireless network connectivity.

It will also help drive environmental changes, especially with traffic lighting and security and emergency responses. There will also be an upgrade in the industrial processes where internet connectivity is of great importance.

What are the Risks Associated with 5G?

If you already hear the rumors surrounding how exposure to electromagnetic waves could put you at risk of cancer and other health challenges. And the truth is you want to be concerned about how to stay safe with radio and EMF waves since they are some of the significant problems associated with wireless technology.

High exposure to high EMF’s has also been known to cause physiological and neurological problems due to the disruption of the human nerve function. It is already common knowledge that cell phone use can lead to sleep and vision problems.

This is also the same when exposed to high-intensity radiation such as that from cell phone towers. You can find more on this link https://www.healthline.com/health/emf about the risk associated with EMF’s radiation.

How to Protect yourself from EMF Exposure

While there is little you can to avoid exposure to the EMF’s radiation around space, you can protect yourself from any impending danger. Cell phone radiation is a type of non-ionizing EMF exposure that doesn’t put you in any immediate harm. But as a precautionary step, it is advised that you take the steps needed to limit your radiation exposure. Some of the things you can attempt include

  • Limit your time in the sun
  • Take x-rays only when necessary
  • Leave your cell in a locker when you sleep at night
  • Use earphone rather than hanging your phones close to your ears
  • Don’t carry your phone in your chest pockets or tuck in your bra or pants.

You can do many more things to stay safe from EMF, and you want to do your best to take the necessary precautions.

How to Locate 5G Cell Tower Location in your Area

While it is possible, there are still ongoing installations being done since the introduction of the 5G network, so there is a high chance you may not get any reception just yet. But still, you can check to find if there is any service in the neighborhood. How did you ask?

  • Use a cell phone tower locator to pinpoint network services in your area. You can use the web to search for locator options for your search.
  • Use cell phone boosters to see if you can boost the signal strength from areas with 5G reception. This could prove useful if you have any tower nearby.
  • You can try switching to a mobile phone with an antenna type receptor capable of picking signals from a wide range. But if you know how to work out radio signals and dBm related to networks, you can use your android and iOS devices to do the same. The trick is the closer the reading is to 0, the stronger the reception.

Final Note

Getting clear and fast phone reception is essential, which is why you want to be particular about the network strength in your area. And when it comes to location 5G cell phone towers around, your best bet is to try the cell phone tower locator to see options nearby.