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[How To] Dual-Boot Windows 8 and Windows 7

[Guide] Dual-Booting Windows 8 and
Windows 7. Windows 7 and 8 are the most popular OS from the software giant Windows. Have you ever thought of having both Windows 7 and Windows 8 in the same system itself? It’s unlike dual booting Windows XP and 7. So this tutorial will help you to boot to either Windows 7 or to Windows 8 in the same system. All you have first to get a good sized HDD.


Step 1: Download Windows 8 Upgrade
Click Here: http://
Step 2: Open the downloaded file (if
you think I’m going to slow, skip down
to Step )
Step 3: Click Run, and if you’re not an
administrator, type in the admin
password, then Click “Yes” when you
get a popup saying the Microsoft want
access to your hard drive
Step 4: It’ll check your “apps
“(programs) and devices for
compatibility(It might take up to 15
mins. depending on how many “apps”
you have. This step doesn’t really
matter(or apply) to us.
Step 5: Do something/anything
Step 6: Click Next. Select “Nothing”
Step 7: Click Order and fill out your
information. Click Checkout.
Step 7.5: Write down your product key
on physical paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Very
Step 8: It’ll now say: “We’re getting a
few things ready”
Step 9: Fill out the details it asks for,
then click Next
Step 10: On the next screen choose
your payment method
Step 11: Fill out that information, then
click Next
Step 12: You’ll arrive at the “Confirm
your Order” screen. At the bottom click
Step 13: Now it will say “Processing
your order”. Then it will download
Windows 8 for you(This might take a
while, it depends on your internet
connection speed), then make the files
it downloaded ready to upgrade your
Step 14: There will now be three
options under the title “Install
Step 15: Select “Install by Creating
Step 16: Now you can either select Usb
Flash Drive or ISO file
This is where it branches off
If you select ISO Image, it will ask you
where you would like for this to be
saved. Then it will prepare the image
and be done in maybe 3 mins or so
If you selected USB Flash Drive then
I’m sorry I have no idea what to do. If
someone could help, I’ll include them
in the credits
Step 17: (for ISO)
Click the ISO you downloaded and
insert a DVD(one of those 4.7 gb ones)
into your drive
Step 18: Click Verify Disc to be careful
or, if you prefer speed, directly Click
Step 19: If you are doing this on a
laptop it might sound like your laptop is
going to explode, but it’s not. I’ll take
around 15 mins. It’ll eject your DVD
after it’s done
Step 20: Press “Start” button and type
“diskmgmt.msc” and click the first
option that comes up
Step 21: It might take a while to fully
load up. Right click your main(and/or
biggest) hard drive and select the
fourth option, “Shrink Volume”.(It’ll
take while to load).
If you are on a 32 bit computer enter at
least 16384.
If you are using a 64 bit computer type
at least 20480. Press “Shrink”
Step 22: Right click the created hard
disk and click “New Simple Volume”
Step 23: Click Next, Next, then assign a
drive letter then Next, Select “Format
this volume with the following settings”
then assign a name. For file system
select “NTFS”, then check “Perform a
quick format”. Then click next, then
Step 24: Shutdown your computer
(Advanced users can sip down to Step
Step 25: Go into BIOS. I cannot help
you with this as every computer is
Step 26: Once in BIOS, change the boot
order. Save and Exit.
Step 27: Shutdown your computer
Step 28: Insert the DVD.
Step 29: You will get a message:
“Press any key to boot from CD or
DVD” Press any key..
Step 30: It will install then you will get
to the Personalization Screen (colors,
Accounts, etc.)
Step 31: You are done Enjoy!


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