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How to Detect and Prevent Phishing Attacks?

A phishing attack could literally drain a business enterprise for millions and billions of rupees and the management may not be able to do anything about it until it’s too late. It has been found that the phishing attacks have increased, in fact, doubled in the past two-three years. More and more enterprises are falling prey to the attacks despite having a security system solution in place.


That is because the scammers are smart and used advanced and new methods to dupe their victims while a good number of enterprises are still using the outdated email security system that does not detect the latest phishing attacks. The best way to prevent phishing attacks is to opt for an advanced, compact, all-round email security system that can be fully integrated into the existing systems.

The email security system has to be,

  • Uniquely Effective
    • Using advanced technology such as computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to detect phishing attacks.
    • Brand profiling, not depending only on the existing database of signatures, analyzing the empty logos, and reading the minute changes in the domain names are possible with the latest technology.
    • Blacklists URLs cannot be of much help when scammers create multiple URLs to dupe people.
    • Without waiting for the signature of the malware being used to detect the complexity of the attack, the email security system will compare the URL details with the brand profiling details and warn the users.
  • Simple to Administer
    • An online dashboard that is easy to use and is synchronized with the systems for automatically updating the detected and blocked threats.
    • Providing complete visibility and tracking all the threats until those are effectively blocked, keeping a tally of the number of phishing attacks, and providing information on the statuses of the threats at any given point of time, the dashboard is a boon for the management.
  • Deploy Effortlessly
    • An email security system that can be integrated easily within a matter of minutes and starts working immediately can save enterprises a lot of time.
    • Enterprises can either opt for a full-scale integration or a systematic one where each system of the department is handled separately to test the effectiveness of the email security system.
  • Works Everywhere
    • Employees prefer to work from home, on-site, or while traveling, etc.
    • The email security system works all the time irrespective of where the employee is working.
    • Also, it can work on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) which ensures that the employee is protected from phishing attacks at all times.
  • Integrate with Any Email System
    • The email security system can be seamlessly integrated with Exchange, Office 365, G Suite.
    • The integration can be done to an existing system or while deploying the email system from one platform to another.
  • Fully Scalable
    • The size, volume, and location of an enterprise does not matter.
    • The email security system will work effectively and efficiently in a small scale business or a global organization.
    • The high level of security provided by the email security system makes it a good choice to be used by the government agencies as well.
  • User- Friendly Warnings
    • Warning banners appear with every email informing the user about the email they have just opened. The banners are both informative and educational to help prevent phishing attacks.
    • Simple words are used to ‘tell’ the user that an email might be a phishing attack along with the reason in a single sentence.
    • For example, any email that comes from an external source pretending as an email from a fellow employee, the banners reads ‘external source; suspicious message; phishing content’ along with a link to know more details.
    • This helps the users be aware and not open any of the links in the email or respond to such emails.
    • A single click will report the email and the source will be blocked from sending further emails.

The best way to manage a phishing attack is to prevent it completely, by being alert and having a comprehensive, effective, efficient email security system that provides total protection.

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