Beginner bloggers often get confused with the type of content they should provide. Finding ways on the internet to quickly grow their new blog. And they end up choosing unethical ways that lead to failure in the initial phase of starting their blogging journey.

A step by step process for creating evergreen content

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The first few articles that you publish are the foundation for your new blog. Because once you start publishing regularly, the search engines will consider your content and evaluate your blog based on the content that you publish. So it’s better if you create quality content from the start.

What is evergreen content?

Unlike the normal content, evergreen content has a more sustained interest. Whatever the niche you’re working on, creating evergreen content is important for long-term goals.

The content that can stay relevant to the niche even after a long time of publishing date, is considered evergreen content. It doesn’t come with an expiration date, as people will be interested in it for years to come!

No matter which season it is, what changes are going on within the market, and trends. The topics that will stay in demand forever, and people search for them regularly, are better examples of evergreen content.

For example, you can go through Wikipedia to find information related to prior incidents or people. Such data won’t change over time, yet people will search for it frequently. Because that information is finite from the start and can not be changed, as they are facts.

Why is evergreen content better?

With the tag “Fresh” embedded together forever, evergreen content provides value to your visitor for a long time. In addition, it is easy to track engagement and performance of such content.

Therefore, the same evergreen content can drive organic traffic for months or even years if done properly. Here are some of the main advantages of creating evergreen content and why you should do it.

  • Attracts Organic Visitors
  • Effectiveness
  • Improves SERP Positions

Attracts organic visitors

Who doesn’t love free targeted traffic? Everybody does. And creating evergreen content can help you attract more organic visitors. The sole reason for that is, evergreen content is in-depth, and focuses on solving others’ problems. So it’s obvious that you will attract more organic visitors with higher visibility on search engines.


The type of content that you publish should be effective to minimize the efforts and maximize the output. Whereas evergreen content is up to the mark with these requirements.

Creating evergreen content can be much more effective compared to normal articles. Because you need to provide in-depth information with enough research.

Improves SERP positions

Evergreen content helps you improve the search engine ranking positions. SERP positions are very important for any business or blog, as it decides the amount of traffic that you’re going to receive.

With the help of evergreen content published on your site, you can expect to receive boosts for your overall SEO from search engines.

How to create evergreen content that lasts?

1. Finding the right topics

Choosing the right topics so your content stays fresh anytime, is a bit of a difficult decision. Because you can not go with any ordinary topics or topics that will stay in the limelight only for a short period until it’s trending.

You need to research the topics that people are searching for and will keep searching in the future too. Take your time finding such topics to make sure your content performance stays at the top.

2. Accurate keyword research

Keyword research is the second step for creating quality evergreen content for any blog. Finding the right keywords that can support your main topic is mandatory. Because you can not rely on a single keyword only. Instead, using two or three related keywords together is always better.

So make sure you do not use any keywords that will get outdated in a short time. Suppose you are going to create an article about “How To Grow Your Traffic With Web Stories In 2021?”, the content will be useful only till 2021. Hence, you should prefer keywords such as how to start a fashion blog on a budget, so you can keep getting value out of it forever.

3. Provide in-depth guides

The foundation to make your content evergreen is providing in-depth quality content. You can not just write a few 500-word articles and publish them on your blog to see whether it works or not.

To create evergreen content that will last, performing sufficient research and following SEO guidelines is mandatory. in-depth guides require you to figure out which topics will be the best for them. Hence, you need to write at least 1500 words to make it usable even in the future.

4. Keep it easy to digest

Why complicate things for others? Not everyone has a great vocabulary and control over the English language. No matter which niche you are targeting, or which article you are writing. We recommend keeping it easy to digest and follow.

Instead of using difficult words and phrases, people will love your content even more if you can connect with them effectively. While creating in-depth guides try to format the content in a more meaningful way.

For which you can use bullet points, divide your content into small chunks and use more visual elements to make it appealing and easy to understand for the readers.

5. Updating it regularly

You can not just sit back and relax after publishing a few evergreen articles on your blog. Because evergreen doesn’t mean you can leave it as it is forever.

So a piece of information may get outdated after some time. The best way to avoid such problems in the future is to go through your published content regularly.

In this way, you can find any flaws or outdated visuals that you used at the time of publishing your content. Make necessary changes to keep the content parallel to recent market trends and maintain the “Fresh” tag for your articles.

6. Promote your evergreen content

Even if you succeed in writing some quality evergreen content for your blog, they won’t drive any traffic at all if you have just started your blog recently. To get the most out of your evergreen articles, you need a solid promotional strategy.

You can start with analyzing your competitors with raven SEO tools to figure out which strategies they use for promoting their content.

However, you will need to take appropriate action with the right tools, if you wish to get more results in less time. Not to mention there are many raven tools alternative available if you are not familiar with the platform and wish to choose others from the market.


Utilizing the concept of evergreen content when starting a new blog is much more effective in comparison to implementing it now. Because if you focus on creating enough evergreen content from the start, you can get more value out of your blog. Whereas, it doesn’t mean you can not use evergreen content if you already have a blog.

Follow the instructions and tips mentioned in this guide and create impressive content for your readers. Do share this information with others if you found it useful, and feel free to mention any suggestions or queries in the comments section below.