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How to Create a Donation Forms Online in a Simple Way

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Whether you are a non-profit or doing charity work, you need to get a donation form to support you in every step you take. You can send a donation form to help you make sure everything looks fantastic. You can build it from scratch, and it is easy for someone to donate online. Get started here.

Why create a donation form

A donation form is a tool for organizations to collect donations online. Here is the reason you need to create a donation form.

You can easily connect to your donation form with payment methods such as Stripe and Paypal.

It allows you to retrieve the requirements information of the single donation form quickly.

Easy to a fundraising campaign to make the process quick and straightforward

Create your donation form

You need to install and activate your WPForms plugin. It is an easy to use and powerful WordPress donation plugin in Everest Forms.

You can go to the WPForms and add a new form. You will see the template of different types of the other WordPress form.

This is a sample donation form that you can use easily for a different type of fundraising.

When you finish creating a donation form template, you can start by utilizing the field of the fundraiser target of your choice.

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Customize your donation form

Now you finish creating your donation, the form is essential and is supposed to have features such as Email, Name, Donation account, and message or comment section.

You are allowed to add additional features, such as different phone numbers, which is essential.

The price field’s donation is a single item that changes for multiple tasks for the kind of things you need to customize.

Donation payment settings

The standard method of donation payment is PayPal and stripe, which is acceptable in most areas.

You can configure the payment setting and donation form and install the activation for the right payment.

For the payment option, here is what you need to follow:

Click on the checkbox to enable PayPal standard payment donation form.

You enter the email association of your PayPal account.

Select the production mode, associate with you to test it for the first time, and choose the sandbox. You need to get help from the testing form and start to feel. You can check out how the PayPal payment is made before accepting the real money.

Choose your preferred donation payment type.

  • Select your preferred shipping setting
  • When you finish configuring the payment setting, you then need to click and save your settings.

Set up automated tax receipt and Thank you message

You can have both of the increasing donations to help you when saving your time. You can see an auto thing by the use of the software. This assists you in making work easy. Thank you message can automatically respond to a person when a donor has been completed.

Make the donation forms Page Shareable.

When you make your page shareable by your reader, it will help them share your donation page with others—this help to increase more support and make your site known by many of the people visiting it.

Configure notification

You can try out the two of the form notifications to alert you in case of anything.

When the user submits the form, you should get notified that the user has submitted the form. You will get an email notification that has been sent to you. To receive news of email, you need to set up a notification form and address the email address. When the user submits the form on the side, they should notify them that an email has been sent successfully.

Make your donation page

When you finish creating the donation form, you8 need to make your donation page from the state, the use of WPForm allows you to add donation forms with many of the locations on your website, such as pages and blog posts.

You need to click previews, and you will see the donation form which will appear on the website.

Therefore, you will need to check on the complete guide form to view your donation entries. The donation form looks simple, and you can customize it to make it have more details.

Final word

Donation forms are significantly necessary for organizing the collection of funds. Creating is easy and takes you a short time, and you are done with everything.

I hope those steps help you to create your donation form in the shortest time possible.

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