How to Create Apps Like Ola: Cost, Benefits, and Features


To develop mobile apps for taxi booking services, many business owners are looking for reputable mobile app development companies. It takes careful and creative development and some familiarity with clone app development companies, to create a taxi booking app. When developing a mobile application that pushes the entire booking process to customer feedback, like OLA or Uber, there are still a lot of considerations to be made. Before diving in let us look at some of the stats regarding the same,

  • Uber handled four billion rides in 2017, up from two billion in May 2016. This astounding figure is expected to rise even further. As a result, if you invest in branded taxi development, your company can expect to grow similarly to Uber.
  • Ola’s excellent on-demand service is expected to grow at a 6.3% CAGR between 2022 and 2024.
  • Ola made $340 million in revenue last year.
  • Uber became a well-known cab-hailing service across the globe in 2020, with an average of 18.7 million trips completed each day.
  • Uber has progressed from a mode of transportation to a verb. Other app developers have created a slew of Uber clone apps in response to Uber’s market dominance, which is expected to reach $318,765 million by 2023.

As more people use smartphones, the market for mobile app development companies has grown year after year, and mobile apps are now used by 85% of businesses. So, there is no other better option or better time than now. Let us know more about apps like Ola development.

How Do Ola and Other Similar Taxi Apps Work?

  1. Users can book a cab using a taxi app by entering the pick-up and destination addresses.
  2. Passengers must pay the full fare once the trip is completed.
  3. A taxi fare is calculated based on the distance traveled and the base fare.
  4. Users can rate and discuss the performance of the drivers using the app. Drivers have the right to speak up about how they interact with customers.

Advantages of Apps like Ola or Uber

#1 Customer Benefits

  • Customers can download and use a taxi app on their smartphones whenever they want. They can make a booking for a taxi late at night if they need one. This is one of the most advantageous aspects that users can obtain at any time.
  • When the user uses an app to order a taxi, he/she will be given the driver’s name, contact information, and photo ID. As a result, they won’t have to worry about safety. If they feel unsafe, they can sue using the driver’s information, giving more protection.
  • On the market, there are numerous taxi booking apps. The majority of payment methods are accepted, including cash, a passport, a wallet, net banking, and others. The user may pay the trip fare using their preferred method of payment.
  • Each taxi app offers fresh discounts and promotions in a cutthroat market to entice more customers. The user may have observed that using a taxi app is a great way to save money when compared to using public transportation.

#2 Driver Benefits

  • Drivers should not waste time or gas searching for passengers in the city. They may remain until a booking is received, at which time they may depart.
  • Drivers in GPS-equipped vehicles can easily navigate to various locations without becoming lost or requiring assistance from others.
  • Drivers don’t need to carry much cash or change because payments can be made using online banking or mobile wallets.
  • Each passenger can also be rated and reviewed by the driver. As a result, if a bad rider occurs, they can rate him appropriately and help other drivers with their reviews.
  • Drivers can arrive at precise locations without wasting time thanks to GPS, and they only need to move when they have a booking.

#3 App Owner Benefits

  • Controlling all systems and viewing system reports will make it easy to generate a business idea for a potential strategy.
  • GPS tracking technology is used to track each taxi and locate your driver.
  • Increase the number of drivers in your area to increase user numbers and brand strength.
  • For each journey, you earn a commission.

Fundamental Features to be Added

Don’t miss out to add these alluring and advanced feature sets to your Ola clone app development for ride-hailing business management.

  • Register or Login

App development firms are working hard to create an app that allows users to sign up directly from social sign-ups or via OTP verifications. Do include it in your Ola clone!

  • GPS Location

After booking a cab, the users must be able to their track its location and directions by pinning the pickup and dropoff locations.

  • Fare Estimation

Users can book a taxi by inputting the total distance traveled and an estimated fare from the pin area.

  • Push Notifications

Customers must be able to send cab details to drivers and receive push notifications about special deals and discounts by using mobile apps such as Ola and Uber.

  • Trip History

The user should be able to view all previous ride details, payment history, and pending transaction history by using this feature and its functions.

  • Driver Reviews & Rating

Because of the sophisticated features of taxi booking apps like Ola and Uber, customers might expect to leave reviews for each journey. Hence, don’t forget to add the same!

  • Payment Integration

Users can pay drivers quickly and securely by using the payment feature of the taxi booking mobile app development.

  • Drivers Profile

You can view the taxi driver’s cab details, including the taxi number and driver’s phone number, using the taxi app.

Cost of Ola Clone App Development

The cost of developing an Ola-like app will be determined by several critical factors.

  • Taxi booking app development company
  • Number of features that will be included in the total
  • Application of cutting-edge technology
  • The complexity of the project
  • Design of a taxi app development like Ola or Uber (Native, Cross-platform, or web-based)

All the factors mentioned above will have a significant impact on the development costs of the taxi app. Make sure to analyze your needs, set a budget, and opt for the right clone app development company like Uberdoo, to get the best of the best services alone.

Key Takeaway

All taxi businesses present today have a taxi mobile app. These apps offer numerous advantages to their business, such as increased market awareness, consumer reach, and service delivery.

When creating a taxi booking app, you must exercise extreme caution. Conduct extensive market research to determine what content is required to keep your taxi app’s target market interested. Make a thorough list of the project’s requirements before deciding on the best pickup and drop app development company. Your taxi app development company will handle the remaining details.

Uberdoo is a reputed clone app development company handling development services for various on-demand sectors including ride-hailing businesses. Their Uber clone, Ola clone, and other taxi app solutions are a big hit. Get a free quote by sharing your requirements with them today!

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