How to Connect Your Laptop and PC Computer to Your TV


Technology is creating milestone day by day. As we never thought a simple mobile phone will play videos, live TV etc. same way we never thought laptop or PC will connect to TV .There are many things for which we have to connect PC to TV, such as watching videos, pictures, see gallery etc. laptop is not enough to show the high quality videos and have HD experience, that’s why we have to connect to PC. To perform this we need some tools, connectors etc. The minimum requirements are Video-out pin from PC and Video-in plug in TV.

Some videos like DVD, DIVX, and FLV etc which can be only played by PC no other device, so to watch these videos in bigger, you need to connect Laptop PC to TV. The PC and TV both must meet the requirements.


PC Requirements:

Pc should have video card with TV-Out connector.

Normally Video card has TV-Out pin at the back.

The connector should be placed between TV-Out and TV-in.

Line-Out from PC would connect TV.

TV requirements:

You should have connector for your TV called TV-IN or VIDEO-IN and you should have Line-In connector for your PC sound card.

You can also use VCR or round connector that looks like an antenna connector device if you don’t have connector. With VCR, set your TV channel to VCR.

Laptop Configuration:

You should have Windows Operating system.

Right Click on desktop, Click Properties.

Then Click the TV Output tab, try the resolution 800X600


Final Config:

The graphics card menu will appear if everything goes correct .In dashboard select “single display” and in current display select TV. The S-video color cables are more in amount than pin cable which are in black and white.


Advantage of connecting PC to TV:

  • It doesn’t require Digital Camcorder or camera to TV.
  • Available for Windows, MAC, Linux Platforms.
  • With Media Center Extender you can connect any PC to TV.

Disadvantage of connecting PC to TV:

  • The resolution of a Older TV is lower than Modern Laptop.
  • When Using Av cables you must have to place PC and TV nearer to each other.
  • When using Wireless medium, the PC and TV must stay with good range, as the  video transferring process needs a lots of data transfer.
  • Most advance and latest hardware is needed, because quality transfer is needed


So here are the method to connect PC to TV , hope this will help you.

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