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Marketing is a key aspect of any company that either offers products or services. It is the best way to spread the word about what you are selling and presenting it in a positive and appetizing light. Marketing can take place everywhere; On your television, billboards around the city, radio, the cinema, you name it.

The same goes for the internet, but here is where the rules are changed up a bit. People expect and tolerate ads and marketing efforts on most other platforms, but the internet seems to be a place where people would rather hate your product or service because of advertisements than being intrigued. So, let us discuss how you can effectively conduct marketing on the internet without any speedbumps.

Pop-Up Ads – A Definite No Go

The key to successful advertisement and marketing on the internet lies in the art of subtlety. So, the silliest move you can pull is to rely on pop-up ads to present your products and services. If there is something people hate while browsing the web it is to be interrupted by an annoying pop-up window.

While some people follow the lines of any publicity is good including negative publicity this is a place where that does not apply. Simply avoid pop-up ads.

Play to the Interests of Internet Culture

What is it that many, especially young, people like to use the internet for? Interesting facts, funny videos, and memes. When something becomes popular on the internet it becomes so fast and on a very large scale. This is what you could base your marketing strategy on.

Companies have tried successfully to manufacture viral videos and pictures that include their products and services. You will essentially be advertising to people without them even noticing. The benefit of this is that it is relatively cheap to do while having a huge spill-over effect.

Timing Is Key as Always

When conducting marketing, timing is always crucial. You want to reach people when they are in a state of ecstasy, excitement, or pure happiness as they are most likely to make purchases during these moods.

For example, during the euro 2020 cup advertisers were faced with a lot of sports fans who were engaged, attentive, and pumped to watch their favorite teams compete against each other. They were in a supportive mood and therefore much more willing to invest in merchandise.

The same goes for the internet that has a bunch of unofficial holidays such as May 4th (Star Wars) or Spooktober (Halloween) for example. Days like these are prime times to push short marketing campaigns targeting people who are in good moods and want to invest some money into making a good joke or stand out.

Therefore, it is also crucial that you update yourself on what trends are relevant and popular in the internet community. It is very easy to make marketing efforts obvious through this route, so a touch of finesse is most certainly required.

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