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It’s easy to forget to clean your vape. Vapes are usually such small, sleek devices, and they function so smoothly.

But like any other piece of sophisticated machinery, they need careful cleaning. Otherwise, vapor buildup will clog up all the moving parts, reducing the potency of your experience. Vapes can even stop working without proper cleaning, and in the worst circumstances, the buildup of germs could affect your health.

Cleaning the device isn’t as difficult or time-consuming as it sounds. All you’ll need is a bowl, warm water, cleaning alcohol, and either cotton balls or a rag.

1. Understand the Components

Vapes come in all shapes and sizes. There is a range from simple, USB-drive-sized pocket vapes to larger tanks and mods. There are also varying vape technologies, some with simple, disposable elements and others with innovative technologies, like at RELX UK.

All this is to say that each vape will have a slightly different assembly with various parts. Before cleaning it, it’s worth understanding the components to avoid breaking the device or dismantling something you shouldn’t.

In general, most vapes will have a tank, a coil, and a battery. When you clean your vape, you will focus on the tank and the coil.

2. Disassemble Your Vape

To take your vape apart, you may want to wear gloves. Built-up e-juice can stain your fingers.

Detach the tank from the vape and set it aside. Carefully remove the coil and the battery. Set the battery aside so it won’t get wet.

3. Rinse the Parts

Place the tank, coil, and all other detachable parts in a bowl of warm to hot water. You don’t want to scrub the piece before you’ve soaked it in water. You risk scratching the parts if you have to scrub too hard to get buildup off.

4. Optional: Wipe With Alcohol

The best thing you can do is regularly clean your vape, not just with water but with alcohol. That will break down hard to clean parts.

If you want to clean with something natural, there are recipes for homemade, all-natural cleaning products. No matter what you wash it with, make sure you do it with care.

5. Dry and Reassemble

The final step is the easiest. Let your tank, coil, and battery dry on a clean towel. When all components are dry, reassemble the device.

Taking Care of Your Vape

If you don’t plan on taking regular care of your vape, there are disposable models that you can buy. But if you want to invest in a high functioning, expensive device, it’s crucial that you regularly clean it.

Worldwide vaping sales could reach $40 billion by 2023. Vape sales are overwhelmingly skyrocketing for the fact that many people will buy a vape, neglect to take care of it and throw it away.

Cleaning your vape is the best way to avoid needlessly draining your bank account. The process isn’t as time-consuming or elaborate as some make it seem. Get to know the parts, how they all fit together, and how to gently, effectively clean them. You’ll ensure that your vape lasts a long time and works at the highest caliber.