How to Choose a Great Online Video Maker for Intro Videos

Last updated on November 27th, 2021 at 09:36 am

You probably know how to make a great intro but cannot find the right intro maker to create a great intro. This article is a detailed guide on choosing a great online video editor to create captivating intros for your YouTube channel. The key to choosing a great intro maker is to understand what a good intro maker has. Let’s get started with this guide.

User-friendly interface

Your intro maker should have an easy-to-use intro builder that lets you pick elements by dragging and dropping. A great intro maker is convenient to use and is hassle-free.

Look for an online intro maker having a drag and drop builder to edit and create intro videos. Your intro maker should provide you with choices to edit and insert text and graphics, insert media, export files, and insert your brand logo with ease.

If an intro maker tool is too technical or requires a lot of know-how and mastery before using it, it is not the right one for you.

Exclusively, as a beginner or intermediate editor, look for convenient tools that require 0 knowledge or skills to gets started. It will help you save time and money and still give you better results.

Huge template package

An ideal intro maker comes with a wide variety of templates to choose from to create a variety of intros.

Templates help you get better designing and animation ideas for your intros. Look for an intro maker that provides high-quality modern templates for YouTube intros that fit the latest graphic designing ideas.

Look for an intro maker that offers fully customisable templates. If you think an intro template fits perfectly with your channel’s style, all you have to do is, change the colours and texts in it. You can also modify the animations or font or graphic styles a little, and you’re good to go.

No watermark

Avoid intro makers that apply watermark to your intro videos. Look for free intro maker tools that let you create and export high-quality intros without a watermark on your videos.

Remember that watermarks significantly impact your brand image and channel reputation. Never compromise on your reputation by using low-quality watermarked intro videos for your channel.

Using a reputed intro maker software will allow you to create top-notch intros without applying a watermark, all for free.

Social media icons

Networking and community building is vital for improving your channel’s growth. If more people know about you, it boosts your popularity and credibility.

So, make sure to ask your followers to follow you on popular social networking platforms and boost your active followers. You can achieve this by displaying your social handles for popular platforms in your intros and let your audience know more about you.

An ideal intro maker allows you to insert your social profiles with a sleek design.

Quality editing and building

Make sure to look for intro makers that offer high-quality graphics, text styles, overlays, videos, images, audio, stickers and animations for your intros.

Using high-quality media and graphics enhances engagement and improves your channel’s overall quality. People are impressed by video creators who use fine effects, 4K crisp videos and sharp audio for their channel.

A unique viewer that watches your videos for the first time understands that you’re a professional creator and creating high-quality content in your niche. Once a viewer is convinced that you also provide high-quality information in your videos, they subscribe right away.

Do you how it makes an impact? That’s the power and beauty of making engaging intros and videos. It indirectly helps in higher revenue generation.

Huge media libraries

When looking for the right intro maker, look for a tool that offers a wide variety of HD audio, video and image libraries.

You should be able to execute 90% of the tasks from the tool without having to look for high-quality audio or videos for your intros online. If you have custom media for your channel, you should be able to upload and insert them in your videos using the intro maker.

Look for intro makers that offer media for a variety of categories. Look for intro makers with sharp and cinematic soundtracks to spice up your intros. You should be able to add voiceovers to your intros, too if you like.


The right intro maker does not charge you for silly features and options to create intros. Instead, look for free feature-packed intro makers with little premium features and those that are affordable.

Saving time and money is key to successful YouTube channel growth. If you’re looking for free tools, ensure they are safe and secure to run on your system or browser.

Make sure they offer a wide variety of features and are performing well in the industry. Read user reviews for tools you’re seeking to use or download. Identify if it is worth paying for some premium features in a tool, or you could get similar features for free in a better performing tool.

Lightweight or no download

An ideal intro maker requires no download or is lightweight for your system. Unfortunately, bloatware software is likely to be unsafe or may inject malware files into your system.

Look for free online intro makers that offer excellent features and quality for your intros.

InVideo Online Intro Maker

InVideo is the best free online intro maker tool to create irresistible intros for your YouTube channel without watermark. With an intuitive, user-friendly drag and drop interface, you can easily add templates, animations, masks, stickers, texts, graphics, and media.

The best part is you do not have to download InVideo on your system, and it does not apply a watermark to your videos!

You can get a wide variety of templates and media libraries to edit and create your intros. You can export videos in any dimension of the highest quality you like from InVideo. Get started today!

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