How to Check if Someone is Spying on Your Phone?


Phone technology has evolved, and today everyone loves to store enough information on their smartphones. People use cell phones for messaging, calls, sharing media, emails, and hundreds of activities. Users also download social media apps and store photos, videos, and documents into the phone gallery.

So, people may look forward to spying on your cellphone. They want to get their hands on the information stored on your smartphone to record your phone calls, read messages, and track GPS location. Moreover, people could steal your banking passwords and many more things.

Are you wondering if someone is watching you? You may have observed that someone has listened to your phone calls. In this post, we will explain how to check if someone is spying on your cell phone secretly.

Warning signs that someone is spying on your phone

Today, we discuss top warning signs that let you know that someone has installed spyware on your device to keep a hidden eye on your activities. Here are the following warning signs you should know to observe that someone has kept an eye on your phone using spyware. You can get to know that something went wrong with your device, and you can fix it.

Data consumption increases

If your cell phone has started data usage abnormally, it means you are dealing with installed spyware, malware, and virus in your phone. High consumption of mobile data without using your mobile is one of the risk factors. Most spyware solutions consume much data to send results to their users. So, data loss is one of the biggest reasons that signal that someone is watching your activities with the naked eye. So, you can use less data to avoid surveillance on your cell phone.

Activity signs during standby mode

Your device starts working on its own without any input, and this will make sure that someone has installed android spy software on your phone. Suppose your cellphone is in an idle position, and you suddenly saw that your cell phone using itself and start the number of activities without input. It is one of the few signs of spy software working on your phone at the moment and sealing information.

Reboots without an input

Have your cell phone has rebooted itself without your will? Once or twice will be a clear sign that your phone has become a victim of spyware. It means someone has got remote admin access to your cell phone, and to your confidential data. The latest OS you have downloaded on your phone was malware. You can check your cell phone properly for the latest OS updates from the phone manufacturers. Don’t download the OS update without making sure that you are downloading the real one on your device.

Tempered phone calls with sounds & double voices

Do you know? You will experience weird voices, and sounds while listening to calls. Someone is may be recording and listening to your phone calls in real-time. Tempered phone calls are common when someone is trying to spy on your cell phone devices. Most cellular networks provide perfect noise-free service and even then you are facing tempered calls means someone has an eye on you.

Number of text messages that you do not expect

Have you received back-to-back unexpected text messages on your phone? Yes! It means some chances are trying to send you bugs to get access your cell phone device. The moment you tap on the unexpected text messages on your phone, you can make sure not to read or tap on them to avoid hacking and spying on your phone. You can simply remove the unwanted text messages to avoid surveillance on your cellphone.

Device got heated

Your device got heated even when you are not using a cell phone device connected to cyberspace and making phone calls. It means an application is working on your phone that continuously steals information from your phone that makes your phone become so heated.

Phone battery consumption increase

You may have purchased a brand new cell phone device with a long battery feature. You may shock suddenly that within a couple of hours your phone has consumed the full battery of your phone. It is one of the best signs that are alarming you that someone has eye on you without your knowledge.


Note: These are the top signs that alarm you that someone is spying on your cell phone secretly. You can see your cell phone and if you are suffering from these signs that you need to factory reset your phone to get rid of spyware on your cell phone device to the fullest.

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