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As a tutor and someone who wants to have increased exposure and build a larger audience, it’s time that you build your online education channel. Many streaming platforms invite creators from all over the world and let them create content in their choice of niches.

With technology getting more advanced, many e-learning platforms have established their foundation. As a tutor, you can either opt for the “Education-specific” platforms or choose a platform that accepts “Education” among other niches.

Let’s uncover the steps for creating your online e-learning channel most straightforwardly.

Why Should You Launch An E-Learning Channel In The First Place?

More Learners Means Greater Reach

By having an online channel, you make yourself available to the audience that rely on digital sources for learning. When you lift yourself from the traditional ways of providing education, you uncover the probability of receiving a larger fanbase.

Not only that, but by opting for an online channel, you also facilitate your existing learners with the convenience of e-learning. That way, they won’t have to attend a physical location every time. Instead, they can choose the virtual learning and access the subjects and series from your channel.

Brand Awareness And Credibility

By shifting your tutoring online, you place yourself in the world of digitalization with hundreds of other tutors and channels. The same makes people aware of your existence, and your brand starts receiving more recognition.

This also allows you to build yourself as a top online study channel. As an online tutor, you enable yourself to create the courses digitally and place them in the market for millions of keen students.

Students’ Data And Scalability

Online platforms are much more conscious of data as it is the ultimate epitome of the digital world. None of this would have existed without data, and every online entity is dependent on the information.

Since e-learning platforms provide analytics, they allow the creators to have the data of their students or visitors. By knowing the demographics of your viewers, you can implement the marketing strategy accordingly.

The term “Scalability” means the increased convenience that e-learning channels provide. For example, a teacher cannot educate thousands of students at once, but he can in the online scenario.

Thousands of students can access the same data and learn simultaneously without interrupting the quality and accessibility of the subject or topic.

So these were some ways in which an e-learning channel benefits the creator and the students.

4 Fascinating Steps Toward Crafting An E-Learning Channel

We have discussed the benefits and given you a fair idea about how it helps you improve as a tutor. Now, let’s see the essential steps that altogether will let you create your online learning channel.

Spark Some Content Ideas

Content is what will keep you going and grow your channel further. Content is the anchor with which your audience stays hooked and wants to engage more.

Let’s imagine that you already know about the subject you will tutor. Hence the foremost step is to create a bunch of ideas that you will post in the beginning.

Prepare a list of ideas that pop up in your mind. Preparing in advance also keeps you relaxed and not under pressure while creating videos in the future.

Hunt For The E-Learning Platform

Once you have the points ready and know what you will teach, it is time to find a platform. Google some e-learning platforms, explore them, know their ins and outs, and pick the one closest to your preferences.

For example, you can look for their pricing, monetization options, cashout options, customer support, security measures, user interface, etc.

Considering all these factors will help you pick the right streaming service.

Make It Look Yours

While building the online platform, it is important to start with customization. It refers to giving your channel a name, sharing your mission or story, uploading your logo, and overall making it look yours.

Different streaming platforms provide different customizations; you can utilize the same and edit the space accordingly.

You should also link your social media channels for increased reach and growth.

Remember to customize your titles every time you create a video. Make sure to edit the description section as well and let the viewers know the objective of the videos.

Upload Your Very First Creation

Start by creating one introduction video, which will be on the top whenever a visitor visits your channel. This video should give them an idea about how the channel will be helpful to the students.

Once you finish the introduction video, it is time to record your very first tutorial. For those who have not recorded ever, it is advised that they practice a few takes and get the opinions of their friends and family too.

Implement the suggestions during your next shoot and keep improving with every upload.

Make Your Channel Stand Out By Embracing These Features

Let’s learn about the basic and advanced features an e-learning platform can comprise.

Basic Features:

• It should let the users register and provide them login details.

• It should have a filter option to allow users to search based on keyword, category, rating, and more.

• Information about the course, learning material, ratings, interactive elements, and other things.

• Tools that help the tutors to build the course and edit the same later.

• Various payment methods for students and cashout methods for teachers.

• Digital Rights Management for security measures and protection against piracy.

Advance Features:

• White-label to let you add logo, banner, and other branding material to your videos.

• Should display the qualification, experience, and certifications of the tutor.

• Multi device support and multi-bitrate functionality which lets viewers stream regardless of their Internet quality.

• Third-party ad integration to support any sort of ads you want in your channel.

• Geo-blocking to allow streaming to only authorized areas of your choice.

• Password-protected videos and invitation-based streaming.

Different Ways To Earn Through Your E-Learning Channel

Streaming platforms include multiple options by which you can earn revenue through your videos.

SubscriptionsRentalsPaid CertificationAffiliate
The learners pay a subscription fee for weekly, monthly, or yearly streaming.

They get unlimited access to use the platform till their subscription gets over.

Students can take the videos on rent for some time or for a lifetime.In this model, the students pay for the course, but they also pay for the certificate.Creators also earn through their additional learning materials.

They share the link of their materials which learners need to purchase to access the same.

Examples: Udemy, Coursera, GUDSHOExamples: Skillshare, Udemy, GUDSHOExamples: Udemy, Coursera, GUDSHOExamples: Kranse Institute, Udemy

Wrap UP

Online study channel is a powerful resource to spread your tutoring and study materials globally. Top streaming platforms provide you the opportunity to build a channel and share your knowledge with the world.

It is time to get aboard and make yourself another source of income. Receive recognition for your brand and grow every day with your e-learning channel.

Remember to market yourself well to connect to the right audience and let people know about your existence. With that being said, we hope you found this post helpful in getting further guidance in your journey as an entrepreneur.