How to Build a Shopify eCommerce Store in 2022

In this era, the internet is impacting every area of our lives. It is used for socializing, working, research, entertainment, shopping, etc.

Nearly 43% of shoppers use the internet to research products before purchasing them. It is forecasted that by 2024, the eCommerce revenue in the U.S. will exceed 1.3 trillion dollars.

E-commerce has been continuously growing for years as the number of consumers of digital channels is increasing day by day. It is not a trend that has the chance of going away anytime, so it will be great to start an eCommerce store, if you want to start a business in the near future.

Read this blog post to know the step-by-step approach of creating a successful eCommerce store. Let’s start with the topic.

What is a Shopify eCommerce Store?

An eCommerce store is a platform to sell products and services on the internet. They exist in several different formats like standalone websites or online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

Shopify is a popular commerce platform that lets you create an online store and sell products online. You can create a robust eCommerce store with the Shopify platform to sell various products and services.

Step-by-Step Approach to Build an e-Commerce Store

Create Your Shopify Account

In this step, you have to visit the official website of Shopify and signup to create your Shopify account. It also provides you with a 14-day free trial to understand the process. After the trial expires, you can choose a pricing plan as per your business level.

Moreover, try to choose a unique name for your Shopify store, as if you enter an already chosen name, you will be asked to enter something else.

After sorting out your website name, you will have to fill in some other details such as your name, address, contact number, etc. Furthermore, after this initial check, you need to answer whether you have the products and what you want to sell if you do.

Set up Your Online Shopify Store

Once you set up your account on Shopify, you will be automatically directed to your store admin screen or dashboard. It will tell you everything you should understand to get your site up and running.

Select and Customize a Theme For Your Store

With Shopify, you can directly access a theme from its official theme store, which has many themes. You can select an engaging theme to keep your visitors on the site and encourage them to explore products.

If you don’t find the free themes helpful to you, you may choose the premium versions that come with various customization options. It might be the chances that various other users downloaded the same theme as yours so that you can customize your theme.

Moreover, you can also hire a Shopify development company that can help you fully customize your eCommerce website.

Add Your Products

Product pages are essential to show your customer what you have to sell. You need to include the product name, description, and URL and add many details to give your customers a better idea of your products. Avoid long sentences, cliches, and complex phrasing while writing descriptions.

You should use high-quality images to make your products stand out. Moreover, keep them in the same size, as varied size images can misalign your gallery.

Setup Payment Options

Choose a payment gateway to let your customers pay by the website. Consider offsite checkout, card types, and transaction fees to know the amount with all applicable charges.

Purchase a Domain Name

You need to purchase a domain name for your online store. You will have two options to do this that are either buy it from Shopify or a third party like GoDaddy.

While purchasing, you have to make sure that it is following the best practices such as –

  • The domain name must be easy to remember, pronounce, and type because you want customers to tell it with their friends and others.
  • Put the length of your domain name to approximately 6-14 characters, which will be easier to remember for your customers.

Find a Reliable Shopify Development Partner

You can make the process of setting up a Shopify eCommerce store simpler by hiring a company offering Shopify development services. This is because they are well-versed in setting up an online store that will enable you to start selling sooner.

Read this blog to choose the best Shopify development company for your business.

Make Your Shopify Store Live

Before making your website live, you have to add a few details about your company. You will also have to mention the delivery process of items and how you will pay the taxes.

Moreover, a successful launch relies on everything on your site working. Suppose the payments don’t process, or the site is not mobile responsive, it may result in sending customers away. So, ensure that everything is well tested before launching the website.


So, these were the steps to create a Shopify eCommerce store. If you want to set up an eCommerce store, you must be well-versed with your business requirements. Moreover, you can also leverage the benefits of Shopify development services by hiring a company that offers the same. It will make your process easier for setting up the online store.