Are you looking for the methods to increase your conversion rates and if you are then you must read this article till the end. Google analytics consulting services are very helpful in increasing the conversion rates of the website. But you must know the proper use of Google analytics. When you figure out exactly where the leak is and when to look at it, you might be surprised after seeing the insights.

To keep track of the conversion rate of the website, there are numerous tools. But among all the tools, Google analytics is known as one of the best free tools you can use to measure the success of various marketing tools. You need to learn how to use the analytics to increase the conversion rates. So, lets us dive into the details to know more.

  • Increase conversion rate with the help of bounce rate

You must know that bounce rate is one of the most important metrics of Google Analytics. There are many definitions of bounce rate in the world of digital media. The metrics are very important because it provides you with a lot of information about the quality of the website. If the bounce rate of the website is low, then it means that the content quality of the website is good. But some of the marketers neglect the matrices and consider them as not important.

But according to some marketers the bounce rate doesn’t provide true insights for the visitor’s experience on your website. But still, you can make better decisions with the help of bounce rate. As the product/service is important for your organizations, you need to focus on the right promotion as well.

  • Measure organic traffic to understand the user

If you want to know how your website content is helping in conversion rate, then you must calculate the organic traffic of the website. Google analytics allows the user to compare the traffic with various time dimensions like day, week, month, year etc.

You can select the different timelines to compare the growth of the website in the specific timeline. This will help you to figure out whether your work or campaign is having an impact on the traffic or not. Customized alerts are also considered as a useful feature of Google analytics. This will keep you updated with the various things happening on the website. Marketers will also love to spend time in this specified section.

  • Internal site search to optimize customer experiences

Accurate data offers you the power to gain powerful insights which can help you boost the conversion rate. With good insights, you can make proper decisions on digital marketing strategies to enhance the conversion rate. Internal site search can give a valuable picture of the user activities on your website.

You can check the list of user behavior when they click on the domain of your website. According to experts, it is a very good idea to keep track of the various data sets. The reason behind that is to figure out what the expectations of the user are from the specific website. The following are the various metrics you can use to make this possible:-

• Session with search

• Total unique searches

• Results page/view search

• Percentage search exits

• Time after search

• Average search depts.

• Percentage search refinement

  • Measure the quality of traffic to compare conversion

If you believe the fact that quality of the traffic is subjective and difficult to measure, then you are definitely mistaken. There are some ways to calculate or measure the quality of the traffic sources and traffic itself. The marketer must know how to measure the quality.

You can use various tools like PPC, affiliate, display, social traffic, email etc. It may be common for websites with good content such as blogs, news, etc. to have a high bounce rate, but it does not mean that they are not providing good content. If you want to enhance the conversion rate of the website, then you have to make sure that you are calculating the conversion rate from the organic traffic of the website.

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  • Identify slow loading pages

Slow loading pages can be a big threat to your traffic conversion rate. People these days don’t have much time to wait for their things to be done. And if your website has these pages, then the customers will prefer some other website with faster loading pages. If you want that your visitors to remain loyal to your website, then you have to provide them with a convenient environment to make a purchase.

This means you need to find the slow loading pages with open eyes and also figure out the problem of their loading speed. Fix the problems so that they can load frequently. If your pages are at the level of average page load time, then you must add the secondary dimension to view organic traffic of the particular web page or web site.


There are so many tips and tricks which can help you increase the conversion rate of the website. You can go with various tricks which are not mentioned in this article. We have tried to mention the most effective results which can help you convert the organic traffic into customers. Google analytics has the power to impact your whole business. The only thing is that you must know how to read the data and insights to make it productive for your business.

To increase the conversion rate of the website, it is very important to have a full understanding of the visitors like – who are the visitors, what they want, what are their requirements. You can also take the help of experts and various experiments to transform your website traffic analytics into higher conversion rates. But to make everything possible, you have to make a google analytics account and put the analytics code on the website to track the data and user activity.

Author Bio: Muthamilselvan is a passionate Content Marketer and SEO Analyst. He has 4 years of hands on experience in Digital Marketing with IT and Service sectors.