Idiotic Ways to Dramatically Boost your Blog’s Alexa Rank in the Next 30 Days


Last updated on August 24th, 2021 at 09:47 pm

For every webmaster, Alexa rank has always been a headache. No, I ain’t joking. Alexa plays vital role in every aspects if you are enough serious about your blog. A well ranked (Alexa here)  blog means better advertisement offers as well as conversion. But there has always been some controversies about Alexa ranking and its accuracy on measuring actual traffic you get.

I’m sure you might have checked my rank before peeping into this hole, am I right ? Though it isn’t great, I can teach you the gimmicks behind boosting your blog’s Alexa rank. “Oh man, what are you saying? How can you teach us about a topic if aren’t mastered in this yet?”

Yes, obvious question. First of all, I ain’t update my blog so often due to my educational reasons and thus maintaining current traffic has become one of my main concerns. Believe me, this blog is not well aged, even didn’t complete its 3 month blogging journey. Let’s recollect what I’ve said above.

  • My blog isn’t well aged
  • I don’t update my blog so often (Not even in weekly sometimes)
  • I don’t put much effort on on page SEO or other craps (I will tell you the reasons later)
  • I’m a mobile blogger who can’t use SEO plugins like SEOPressor, Yoast even though it’s already been installed in my dashboard.

Yeah, heard the truth. Your time is precious and I’m not digging so much into my personal matters.

Why you Should Consider Alexa as your Primary Goal?

Well, this is quite interesting. I’m getting so many mails daily asking for guest post requests. But the worst case is that, after they realizing my my Page Rank and Alexa, they stop sending me the articles or even don’t respond to my mails. Kick the bloody bitches. Grrr.

On the other hand, if you got better Alexa rank say, less than 100k, you can easily grab those types of guest posting requests and advertisement offers. Believe it or not, most advertisers thoroughly look blog’s Alexa rank and Page Rank prior forwarding an offer to the blog.

How to Boost your Alexa Rank in the Next 30 Days

Here’s how you can dramatically boost your Alexa within the next 30 days.


  • Install Alexa Tool Bar in your browser or all browsers/PCs that you will associate with. Remenber. it’s a MUST.
  • Claim your site on Alexa. It takes less than 5 minutes to claim your blog on Alexa. So head over to and do it fast.
  • Submit you Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools to better index your blog.

Things to do in the First 10 Days

Get ready, Let’s see what to do in the first 10 days. Log in to your Facebook account and send friend requests to maximum possible bloggers/webmasters in your same niche. Don’t be too spammy. Take intervals and repeat the process until your request option gets blocked for certain days.

Suppose, you have made 100 friends in the first 5 days. That’s enough. It’s time to interact with your new friends. Simply visit their blog and drop valuable comments. Make strong relationships with them and feel free to flatter them whenever you get their contact. Impress giant blog owners and share their posts. Also don’t forget to explore their friend list. You will get more amazing bloggers from there.

What we’ve got in the First 10 Days?

  • Valuable relationships with various bloggers in your niche.
  • Quality back links via blog commenting (Remember, it’s very essential for blog authority and also it’s a BONUS TIP)
  • Knowledge on various topics in your niche and great platform to clarify your doubts regarding blogging.
  • Expert suggestions from pro bloggers to improve your typography,  blog ideas and other stuffs.

Things to do in the Next 10 Days

This period is very important, I repeat Stress more on this period. You’ve to research more and post crowd pulling articles on your blog. As I said above, you won’t feel scarcity on getting blog ideas as far as you are entered in the most profitable circle. Here’s is one and only self motivational quote to write killer articles “This will be my most anticipated post and I can’t write this post better than this.”

Create jaw-dropping posts after doing massive research and keep uniqueness while writing. Don’t forget to use various blogging tools like Google Keyword Research Tool, SEOPressor plugin (You can grab a copy for free participating this SEOPressor v5 Giveaway).

While keeping the quality, make maximum unique posts as you can. Sit back, have a cup of Coffee or a tin of Beer (No offence please 😛 )

What you’ve got in these 10 Days ?

  • Killer posts in your blog’s repository
  • Increase in traffic from proper SEO (On page).
  • Better Search Engine visibility.
  • Self Confidence to undertake risks.
  • Learned how to create unique posts within limited time
  • Improved typing speed, language and overall experience on writing.

Things to do in the Last 10 Days

We have completed 2/3rd of the process so far. It’s time to complete our task and get maximum output for our effort. Follow me, I will tell you how you can boost your Alexa in these 10 days period.

Again get back to your Facebook and join maximum groups and communities dealing with blogging and blog promotion. These are the high quality FB groups that I use to share my contents.

  1. Blog Share
  2. Indian Tech Bloggers
  3. Blog Promotion
  4. WordPress Warriors
  5. Bloggers Paradise
  6. Freelancer
  7. iTechCode
  8. Backlinks and Link Exchange

I think it’s enough to share your posts. Start promoting each and every posts that you’ve created on these groups ans of course on your wall.

Call to Action Method

Don’t hesitate to ask your friends ( bloggers preferred ) to read and share your posts. Meanwhile, make more and more relations from social media sites. This guide doesn’t confine to Facebook promotion. Seek the help of Pinterest, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Buffer, Reddit, Technorati etc to explore your awesome creativity.

Make the most out of the traffic that being flowing in every social media sites. Exploit every possible ways that brings traffic to your blog.

Don’t stop the above tips even after completing the 30 days period. Just repeat the same process again and again in a cyclic manner to quickly raise your traffic as well as earnings.

Additional yet Unbelievable Tips

  • Run a Giveaway : If you were here for some days, you might have noticed that I was running a series of Giveaways. Choose the giveaway products wisely. Select the prize which will get keen attention from webmasters. You may choose Hosting Giveaways, themes giveaway, Plugins etc.
  • Focus More on Off-Page SEO : On page SEO is very essential. However, you won’t get much exposure if you aren’t working with off-page SEO. Submit your blog to various directories, forums etc to grab immense traffic and quality back links.
  • Create an Email Subscription list : This will promise you consistent inorganic traffic even if your blog has been affected from Google’s crazy wild animals, kidding.


This guide is purely extracted from my own experience and also a proven method to quickly boost your Alexa rank. whether your blog is new or old, just follow the tips and keep making mind blowing topics consistently.




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