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How to Automatically Sync Photos to Facebook from your Android Phone

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2013)

Now sync all your photos to Facebook automatically in this easy way. This feature was first introduced in Google plus and now Facebook has started testing this in Android Smart phones. Right now it is available only for people who downloaded the Facebook app for Android recently.

This photo sync feature will not affect your privacy at any cost because photos will be upload only after you select which one to
upload. The moment you take the
photograph it will be moved to the
private section of your Facebook app. so later you can select which one to upload to your Facebook account. This will protect your privacy as well as share your memories instantly on Facebook.

The previous update from Facebook was really useful for many Smartphone users because before the previous update the application was very slow and didn’t worked properly in slow
network connections. The previous
update has tremendously increased the speed of the app and the features were quite similar to Google plus mobile app.

Now Facebook has introduced another important feature of Google Plus to their new Android app users. For people who got this update, start syncing the photos right taken from your Android phone.

How to Sync

First, go to your timeline, tap photos and tap the sync button at the bottom of your photos section. Then follow the step-by-step instructions to sync the photos from your mobile phone.

As I said before, the photos will be
synced from the phone and stored in a private folder on your Facebook account. Until you share the photos to your timeline nobody can see the photographs except you.

Without sharing the photos to public you can send them in a private message to your friends. All these features sounds familiar because Google+ already has
these things in their mobile application.

If you want to remove some of your
synced photos either you can delete it from the phone or from your computer. To delete the synced photos, go to your timeline and tap photos and tap “synced photos” at the bottom of the page.

Then select the photos you want to
remove and tap “remove synced
photo” option on the Page. This will remove the photo only from your Facebook account not from your phone.

Your photos will be synced periodically based on various factors and the options you choose. It will consider your battery level as well as the sync settings.

You can choose sync only through WiFi or you can choose sync from both WiFi as well as cellular network. Also you can turn off sync completely to do the syncing process manually. This feature
gives a flexible way of sharing your favorite photos on Facebook.

You can change the sync options in Account -> App Settings at the right corner of the application.
This Auto-sync feature is rolled out to very few Android users but Facebook hasn’t disclosed any information about updating this feature to all the app users. We were expecting that soon it will be available for all the Android users.

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