How Technology is Changing the World of Sport


Technology is changing sport in many ways. While during previous years, one had to wait for a referee to make a judgement and make decisions, now technology is eliminating that human error that all humans are subject of making.

We are now also seeing the introduction of technological devices such as athlete monitors to track their performances and other smart technology, making watching sports and playing sports easier for spectators and athletes themselves.

Here are four current technology trends in the world of sport.

The growth of esports

Whether you’re still a traditional sports watcher or more progressed, it is difficult to ignore the rise in popularity of esports. Esports players are now competing for more than just gadgets and token rewards. Real tournaments are dedicated solely to esports with prize pools that amount to millions, thanks to platforms such as Twitch. Research found that players experience pressure and stress when playing at esports tournaments that is comparable to elite athletes during footballs games.

Greater fan interaction

Fans nowadays are becoming more engaged in the world of sports, thanks to the different ways that technology is helping out in the sector. With live streaming, avid sports fans can now watch their favorite games on their phones or tablets, from wherever they are. Basketball fans, for example, can subscribe to the NBA TV & League Pass that gives them access to games, live and on-demand, for the entire season. Gone are the days where you have to worry about missing out on a game. Meanwhile, those who want a more thrilling and interactive experience might want to place a bet online on one of the best cricket betting sites in India, such as or Parimatch, which they can also do on the go through a mobile app. Whether you would like to bet on a match-winner, top bowler, or top batsman, rest assured that you would have plenty of markets to choose from.

Improvement in athlete performance

Athlete performance can be enhanced thanks to technological smart devices. For example, athletes can now wear devices to track their heart rate and their cardiovascular rates so that they can continually improve their fitness levels. Game software programs can be installed to track the team, the ball, and the opposition movement so that the team can better perform in the next game.

The sport of cycling has seen a massive improvement with the introduction of new technological clothes that can measure hydration, new pedals that can make your cycle more efficient and with the introduction of smart bikes that can give off information like speed, pedal pressure, heart rate, humidity, and more.

Improved accuracy

Referees are human which means that they are bound to get something wrong from time to time. This is where technology comes in. Different technologies and gadgets have been introduced to rectify this problem, including Hawk Eye – a computer and camera system that traces the ball’s trajectory. This has been widely used in cricket and tennis, but also, recently introduced into the Premier League football. Information from the ball is analysed through a computer system and it is fed to a wrist device worn by the referee – making games smoother and fairer.

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