Nowadays, if we want to find information about something, we just click a few buttons, type our question in, and bam! We have all the answers we need. This is true when looking for businesses to eat, to repair something, or to buy things we need.

It has been reported there are about 3.5 billion Google searches a day. So why is this important for you and your business to know? SEO stands for search engine optimization, which determines what sites come up first with keywords.

We’re going to go over how SEO affects your business and its online presence.

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Boosts Traffic to Your Website

As mentioned before, we often look online to get the answers or recommendations we need. If your company pops up as one of the first sites based on keywords, then you’ll likely get more traffic to your business online.

That translates to more potential clients coming to your company location to buy something or more online sales. You might wonder how you can achieve this. Many companies believe the only goal is to increase your SEO.

One Philadelphia SEO Agency stated, “we’ve increased traffic for our clients by a huge 318 percent over the last 12 months.” This can create a significant impact on the future of your company and its success.

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Builds Trust and Credibility

We’re sure you agree with us; when you search for something, if it’s not on the first two pages, we start to question the credibility of the site. So, if your site is on page 10, you’ve got no hope. Increasing your SEO can make your business appear more legitimate.

In today’s competitive market, it’s not enough to appear on the first page of search results. Having a beautiful site targeted towards your potential target buyer is paramount to running a successful SEO campaign. According to Kris Nicolaou, Founder and Digital Director at Brain Box Labs, “the User Experience (UX) and overall design esthetic of a website are crucial–especially in terms of a client’s online presence. But what is beauty without the functionality to match? We build end-to-end products that focus on product design, exceptional development, branding, and digital marketing to achieve growth. Ultimately, this will strengthen your company’s ability to capture and nurture leads.”

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Get Some Referrals

It’s natural when you’re a business to look at your competition. When you rank high in SEO, the other companies will probably look at what you’re doing and what you’re selling.

It can be a great way to find others in a similar field. If you offer something that another business doesn’t, they can refer your company to clients.

If you have good relations with the other businesses, you can work with them and enjoy a positive community. You can refer customers to them as well. It will show clients that you’re honest and want the customer to get exactly what they want.

Then, when that person needs something from your business, they’ll remember you and likely come back to you for other things.

Long-lasting results

Unlike traditional forms of marketing such as print ads, billboards, or radio ads that are not only costly but require direct interaction with a customer for only a couple of minutes or typically seconds. SEO is a more affordable form of marketing as it is not a one time cost but an investment that yields targeted inbound traffic to your website. The best part of the inbound traffic is that it grows with time as you put more time and effort into your SEO strategy.

Traditional forms of advertising also do not provide reach and targeting that SEO does. With SEO you can reach people across the globe unlike a billboard or TV ad, in which case most individuals can choose to skip TV advertising now, rendering the advertisement useless. Not only is SEO efficient, but it is also effective, cheap, and long-lasting.

The Bottom Line

It’s no doubt that we’re becoming a more technological society. We don’t go to the newspapers to find out information; we Google it!

Having a high SEO can affect your company’s traffic, its credibility, and might even land you some referrals! You can ask others who specialize in this field how to increase your rating in searches to boost your sales.