How Security Guard Companies Keep You Safe and Why Your Business Needs One


Over 70 small businesses launch every hour in the United States. Of those 70 businesses that open, most of them will fail.

That failure will come down to their inability to maintain a healthy income vs expense ratio.

To avoid that fate, some businesses get so obsessed with trying to keep their expenses down that they end up cutting corners on things that they actually need. Things like security.

Security guard companies bring a variety of benefits to retail settings and those benefits end up paying for themselves. That’s why, no matter how aggressive you get with cost-cutting, we always recommend leaving some money for security.

In this post, we’re going to outline 8 key benefits that security providers can afford you.

1. Happier Employees

Employee turnover is one of the leading expenses that business owners face. The best way to retain your employees is to make sure that they’re happy.

News Flash: Nothing makes employees less happy than feeling unsafe in their working environment.

When you work with security guard companies, you don’t have to worry about that being the case.

A security presence in your retail setting acts as an emotional insurance policy for the people that work for you. They know that if anything goes wrong, help is only a few steps away.

2. Less Worried Customers

Customers and employees are the same when it comes to concern for well-being. They both want to feel like they can shop in your store without needing to be directly or indirectly involved in a confrontation.

With a security team on your property, customers get to enjoy that sense of sureness that they’re looking for. With that sense comes longer browsing times, higher sales and more repeat business.

3. Crime Prevention

There’s something to be said about the mere presence security guard companies can have on your store’s likelihood to experience issues. With a security guard on your sales floor, bad-actors are going to be much less inclined to try something that they shouldn’t.

Think about it, if you were a trouble maker, would you rather cause problems in a store that’s swarming with security or one that’s void of security because the business owner didn’t want to make that investment in safety?

We’re willing to bet that you’d opt for the opportunity that presents less risk to your well-being.

4. Customer Service Representatives

Most people don’t think of security guards as customer service representatives but when you partner with a solid company, they are.

Security guards can help customers that are trying to locate something if they’re asked. They can also offer assistance to customers that seem like they may be struggling with something.

That versatility makes your investment in security go even further.

5. Effective Crime Handling

Sometimes, no matter how proactive you are when it comes to security, crimes take place. When they do, all you can hope for is that they’re resolved swiftly with minimal disruption to your store or your customers.

Security professionals are capable of providing exactly that.

Security can contact the authorities, temporarily apprehend suspected criminals until law enforcement arrives and help diffuse crimes in progress.

6. Video Monitoring

Many security companies will be able to advise on how to best outfit your retail store with cameras which can further deter crime. In addition to advising, your security team can monitor your sales floor from a control room and review footage on your behalf to help confirm a suspicion of wrongdoing.

A security company’s ability to help you with video surveillance doesn’t only help combat destructive actions taken by customers but it also helps you to keep a closer eye on new employees.

7. Reduced Liability

You’d be shocked by how many criminals rob a place, get stopped, and then turn around to sue the retailer for mishandling the situation.

Allowing professionals to manage crimes in progress in accordance with the law can reduce your liability of needing to deal with legal trouble.

Furthermore, your security company operates as a private contractor. Any actions that they take may fall on the contractor as far as lawsuits and legality are concerned.

That’s another degree of separation between you and a litigious criminal.

8. Good Security Companies Scale Around You

Maybe today you need one or two security guards to monitor your sales floor. Maybe tomorrow you’re sponsoring a community event and need a few guards to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch.

Whatever your needs are, security companies are ready to scale around you.

We recommend doing business with security guard companies that offer a wide range of services, even if you don’t need them right now. This company concurs with that recommendation, as do others that have been offering security services to businesses like yours for a number of years.

Wrapping Up How Security Guard Companies Keep You Safe

Security guard companies keep you safe in a number of direct and indirect ways. They protect you from crime, employee turnover, feeling overwhelmed at events and more.

We hope that our write-up has instilled in you a deeper understanding of the value that security guards bring to businesses like yours.

If you’re considering hiring a company to help protect your business, stop considering and start hiring!

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