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Video recorder for publishers was developed to improve the impact of web video on the search engines and improve the delivery of content to readers. It is also designed to help publishers work with their affiliates.

As technology has improved, so have the methods of delivering video recording, and with the growth of web video, the need for a superior way to record video is critical. With today’s advances in video-recording software, there is no excuse for failing to record a web video or watching a video that does not meet your expectations.

Because the technology needed to record a video is available, you can now capture a web video in virtually any way that you want, including screenshots, continuous recording, and full-screen recording. You can also control the playback with real-time audio and pause and replay it at any time as well.

In addition, with video recorder, publishers are given access to not only recording capabilities, but also the ability to add special effects to the video to make it look like it was shot on an iPhone, computer monitor, or another device with a normal-looking camera. All of these features not only help them create better-looking videos but provide added value for their subscribers.

Benefits of Using a Video Recorder

Another way the online video recorder benefits publishers is by giving them more control over their videos. The software allows them to set parameters like sample rate, the brightness, and contrast of the video, and the time delay before the video starts and ends.

With video recorder, publishers are able to adjust the sound levels of the audio that is being recorded. This not only helps them create richer videos but gives them control over their audio recordings to create the best possible sound for their videos.

One of the many online video recorder benefits for publishers is the ability to add captions to their videos. When a video is published, if the publisher chooses to include a caption or subtitles, those captions will be automatically transcribed into text.

This allows publishers to add content that doesn’t necessarily have to be recorded and allows them to make a personal, and more importantly, own presentation to their viewers. The best part is, most online video recorder software for publishers gives publishers the ability to change the length of the subtitles to fit the length of the video, which is very helpful if the video is longer than a few minutes.

Of course, there are other ways to use the online video recorder benefits to benefit publishers, including a simple way to make a timeline from the beginning of the video to the end, a way to create slideshows, or even use interactive features like voice-overs. There are also time and interval options for controlling how long your videos stay on screen and even an option to turn off sound to completely cut out distractions while still being able to use a camera.

Because of the various features that are built right into the video recorder, the software has many uses in many different areas of the publishing process. From creating simple web videos to custom-made podcast series, the software is as flexible as the publishing process itself.

As a result, publishers can get a free trial version of the software and try it out for free. The feedback that is provided from this trial period can be used to help develop features that benefit publishers and vice versa.


While it might seem that video recorder for publishers is a mere tool to help publishers, they are in fact helping publishers in a variety of ways, from reducing the time and cost spent on managing content, to providing them with new and unique ways to deliver content to readers, to increasing their ROI (returns). By learning the correct way to utilize these tools, publishers can find them useful on a daily basis, making it easier to maintain their business, and increasing profits. Ziggeo offers what you need to improve your work and your business, check them out!

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