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How Ping Tree helps with Online Lead Generation

Ping Trees for Phone Calls is comparatively a new technique which helps in generating the online leads. It was around 2007 when the online lead generation took momentum and currently a validated way to get the targeted customers.

Now leads are better qualified and getting better with the technology with the time. Ping Tree is the latest addition to it.

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What is Ping Tree?

Ping tree allows for only partial lead information to be initially transmitted from pay per call network to the business. It is a kind of lead distribution software that is used in the online lead generation industry. It distributes and sells leads to the buyer from different companies.

Ping tree is even more useful when a single lead is being sold more than once to different buyers. Even it is being used when a lead is sold only once exclusively.

Applications where Ping Tree can be used most

Here are some of the major areas where Call Ping Trees can be used the most-

Validate lead quality before entering the ping tree

You need to validate the quality of the lead before you make a lead with anyone else. This will ensure, there is no junk lead entering to the ping tree. Here you need to also ensure a proper and valid email id, phone number, zip code, and others as per the required information of the lead.

Manage Duplicates

Don’t irritate your lead buyer with the repeated leads. And so, before entering the market, make sure all duplicates are filtered out. This will not only ensure proper delivery but also will save your support time.

Scheduling adherence and concurrency

You should also ensure to deliver the leads to the client in their working hour and not on the non-business hours. This ensures, your client will take the prompt response from them.

Manage and control their capacity

You should also ensure your client is getting only those leads which they can handle. It should not be your customer can handle only 100 leads a day and you simply keep on sending. And so, avoid bombarding your customers.

Block bad lead source, IP address, repeat callers, etc

If you think you are getting some fake IP address, then you should instantly block those. For example, if you’re targeting USA customers and getting lead from Taiwan then those will be irrelevant for you. And so, you should instantly block those IP address and filter your list from such irrelevant leads.

Categorize the validated leads

Once you have ensured that all leads are good then it’s time to categorize those and make it as per your need and quality. This will ensure, your premium clients are not getting some less relevant lead.

Manage Time Wisely

So, far we have almost made all efforts to ensure the quality of the lead. This not only makes your quality better but also saves a lot of time.


There were all about ping tree and how ping tree software is helping lead generation. So, if you are also working on lead generation, ping tree is for you.

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