How New Technology Is Tested and Proven in Gaming


The gaming industry has seen a huge explosion in both demand and the provision of some of the latest, most advanced tech of our time. VR, augmented reality and the improvements in graphics, game play and use of machine learning, and the internet of behaviors (IOB) has seen the professionalization and rapid expansion of the online and console-based gaming sectors. This article looks at how the advances in gaming are used to test and prove tech advances that will then be more widely used in business.

Real time, live gaming

Gamers now want to be able to feel that they are playing in as real a fashion as possible. It doesn’t matter what we play, be it sports games, adventure games or real online casino games. The idea is to be able to make these games as real as possible. For instance, you want to feel as if you are actually in the casino from the comfort of your living room.

The use of Virtual reality is leading in this regard, but augmented reality has also come a long way and it is now possible to be in the casino from the comfort of your home. As well as allowing for huge numbers of spectators to fill virtual online spaces as the game occurs in real time in front of them.

It is these techniques that can now be used and have been used in the world of everyday hybrid and remote work and are making a huge impact on business. Teams, Asana and more have all arguably evolved from the gamer chat rooms and forums that were initially set up around online games, while virtual reality is being seen in a wide number of modern applications ranging from medicine to engineering.

Social gaming

Not only do gamers want to be able to play and talk and communicate with the team they are playing with, but also to be able to watch others play in real time. It is a social phenomenon that has been able to test the best of modern communication techniques to the max. You can game as a team with people from around the globe and tech now exists to make this a fully translatable and understandable affair. Social media, social gaming and most other social platforms have become massive online marketplaces and will drive the next level of e-commerce.

Professional gaming

The fact that gaming is now worth more than it ever was before has seen a huge increase in the money available for further research and development. Drone wars and live online multiplayer games watched by millions across the globe have all been a modern means of testing and perfecting this tech. Technology which is then used in a host of different applications across the business world. The more professional gaming becomes, the more the related tech developments will be seen in everyday business.

All of these aspects of the gaming world that are leading the way have also become major aspects of tech in business, military and a myriad of other industry uses. They are first tried and tested in the games we play, serving to improve and provide for consumer demands. The products and specific tech can then be perfected to be fully monetized throughout the business and industrial world. So, if you spend your time gaming, a pat on the back may be deserved for helping to improve technology for us all.

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By Sidharth

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