How Multi-Factor Authentication Works?


MFA requires that a user validate their identity by providing two or more types of evidence (or factors) when they log in. One factor is information the user already knows such as their username or password combination. The user also has access to verification methods. Although there is a possibility that your password could be compromised, it is highly unlikely that someone can gain access to strong verification methods such as a security key or authentication application.

Invado Solutions MFA For Direct Logins

Invado Solutions provides simple and innovative salesforce MFA set up solutions that balance security with user convenience. Invado Solutions products can support multiple types of strong verification methods to meet your business requirements and those of your users.

Third-Party Authenticator Apps: Authenticate uses apps to generate temporary codes that are based on the OATH-based one-time passcode (OTP). Many apps are available, including Google Authenticator TM and Microsoft Authenticator TM.

Security keys: These small, physical devices are simple to use as there is nothing to install or codes to enter. If mobile devices are not an option, security keys can be a great solution.

MFA For Single-Sign-On (SSO).

Are your users likely to access multiple apps throughout their day? Combining MFA and SSO is a good option. This will allow you to provide enhanced security while simplifying the login process.

If your Invado Solutions products have been integrated with an SSO solution already, make sure that MFA is enabled to all Invado Solutions users. MFA can be used by your SSO provider. You can also use Invado Solutions’ MFA functionality to enable MFA at the SSO level for products built on Invado Solutions Platform.

MFA adds a layer of security to login security and protects against account access by preventing unauthorized accounts from being accessed. MFA can protect accounts against common threats such as phishing attacks and credential stuffing. MFA is a secure authentication process. Users must prove their identity by providing two or more pieces (or “factors”) of evidence when they log in. MFA is a top-of-the-line security measure that we recommend to our customers.

Let’s Go Back To The Need…

You must meet the requirements by completing one or more of the following activities:

Allow MFA to be enabled for Invado Solutions users who log into Invado Solutions products (including partner solutions), through the user interface.

Federated single sign-on (SSO), is a way to use Invado Solutions products and partner solutions. We require customers to enable multifactor authentication (MFA) for their identity provider (IdP) if they decide to implement SSO. A well-planned SSO strategy can help you reduce the risk of weak passwords or reusing them, as well as make it easier for users to log into frequently-used applications.

We are working on a process to extend the time for customers who might need additional time to roll out MFA and SSO.

Does SSO Meet The MFA Requirements?

Yes, provided that all Invado Solutions products have been integrated with SSO and MFA enabled on the IdP. All users who access Invado Solutions products’ user interfaces must use SSO.

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