How Long Does It Take To Rank on Google?


An online business, eager to know its competitor’s position, always asks the following questions to itself:

How can I level up my position over Google?

What is it that I need to do to impress the SERPs?

How long does SEO take to climb your website on the top of Google Search?- is a common question and answer to which is not simple.

So keep reading to know what all does it take!

Beware of the Trap:

“Sites, pop-ups or banners promising you to get your business ‘#1 Ranking’ overnight, are no less than baits to trap you to grab your money.”

Don’t wear the “Black Hat.”

Black Hat SEO is all about using unethical SEO practices to get a top ranking (getting paid links, keyword stuffing, keyword directing to blank pages) as this can get your site penalized and further affect your online presence.”

The workings, approaches, practices, and efforts that SEO involves in its routine, all are well explained in an SEO Specialist Training giving you clear and valuable insights about what actually it takes to obtain the highest search engine’s ranking.

Though the concept is vast and cannot be covered in this single documentation, I will put my best foot forward to acknowledge you about the primary and significant aspects that are involved to be seen on the ‘Top.’

Appeasing The Algorithm For Keyword Rankings

Google runs robust programs and algorithms while scanning and indexing the features and content of your highly designed website.

These real-time algorithms which give semantic results include Google RankBrain, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Penguin, Panda, etc. and all of them have a sheer association in a website’s ranking.

The common goal of all is ‘Quality First’ where they analyze and measure the data of websites, check whether it’s useful and relevant and then finally rank you up accordingly from high to low.

Therefore, fix appropriate and pertinent keywords in the content, which ultimately gives the right information at the right time to the readers in order to delight them and pull organic traffic.

Search Engine Criteria

Besides correct keywords, titles, image texts, headings, original content, internal/external links also matter to make you visible in the eyes of search engine crawlers. This is merely search engine optimization.

As the excess of anything is bad, likewise, you need to make sure that these inputs and pointers occur enough times but not too often. This simple practice will get you to earn a high SEO score.

An SEO expert continuously monitors and examines the performance of your site and ensures that it is optimized for peak exposure and discovery by Google’s crawlers or indexing bots.

“There are near around 200 google ranking factors those are highly considerable.”

Domain Age Can Affect How Long it Takes To Rank

Owning a URL for about ten years doesn’t matter until your website is live and active on the web for a considerable period.

“Google and other search engines in line, tag a website ‘New’ if it’s less than six months old and active.”

It is seen that websites which are six months old enhance their ranking gradually and slowly where the aftereffects are usually beneficial and fruitful once a site is live for past the six-month or more.

In the eyes of search engines, old sites are seen as reliable websites and are less likely to post deceitful or futile information.

‘Content is the King’: A Website Optimization Tip

Content is the Key!

Content is the Fuel!

Content is the actual driving force of your Online Business!

As already said, quality is what prioritized first by the structured programs and algorithms where the Google’s spider bots continuously verify whether the content portrayed on the website (in the form of blogs, posts, case studies, news, press release, etc.) is raw and relevant.

When measuring a site’s quality index, the following are the metrics those are accountable:

  • Length of Posts
  • Originality of Content
  • Timeliness of Content

The list is never ending like domain cleanliness, quality external references, the frequency of content addition and much more. So the struggle is definitely there, but if things are done right, this struggle changes to success making shine you brand on the apex position.

So How Long do you Need to Wait for SEO to give the Desired Outcomes?

As even the machines and algorithms are occupied executing tonnes of codes and structures, it takes a while to gain search engine’s trust and get a good reputation in front of their search and indexing systems.

It may take almost three to six months! Or even more.

Surprisingly Yes. Instead of seeing this time span as a long period, look at it as a goldmine which ultimately will derive you valuable top class ranking. And which is way better than the shortcuts draining all web efforts within days.

On real grounds, apply an excellent search engine optimization plan and put it into practice and build a quality-centric website featuring optimized and updated content regularly.

The initial days and groundwork are no less than cracking a hard nut. Nevertheless, the rewards you’ll reap in the coming years will have a long-lasting positive impact on your web existence.

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