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More than one billion websites are there on the World Wide Web. They are all searching for traffic. This is a really tough competition. That is why marketers invest their time and money in SEO, social media campaigns, and PPC in order to grow traffic. Without tracking your traffic rate you won’t be able to notice any marketing ROI or progress. A website traffic checker will help you to gather web traffic information on your website.

Know Your Data

With the help of the website traffic checker, you will get all your traffic data and analytics. This provides you a detailed report on the source of your traffic, volume of the keyword, number of viewed pages, and also the countries that have the highest traffic. In order to enhance the customer experience and take decisions on SEO campaigns, all these data play a huge part.

When you will be able to discover the accurate conversion rate and your client’s overall journey, it will help you to optimize those factors that really matter. In order to achieve the desired goal, you can look after all those pain points or the handle your viewers are facing.

In today’s world, consumer preferences and actionable data always determine the way of marketing. Website traffic checker will give you all the data in order to analyze your overall website performance. You can also use them to get traffic and also enrich your visitors’ experience.

Get An Idea Of The Performance Of Your Pages

A website traffic checker that keeps a track of your site traffic also helps you to keep track of the performance of your pages. You will be able to determine the pages that are ranking high along with the pages that need improvements and the pages that are not at all ranking.

There will be some pieces of content on your pages that attract more viewers or keep viewers on that page for a long time. These pages will help you to understand what kind of information people are looking for. This way, you can work on those types of content, which will engage more people. And in order to boost your other content and pages, you can link those pages to low-performance pages.

The analyzed information about the worst-performing pages will help you to make the changes and improvements. In addition to these, you will also get the idea about the possible reasons for a high bouncing rate on your less performing pages.

Behind a low performing page or content is that that content does not have the information a visitor is looking for. Maybe the content is too complicated or technical to understand. Content analysis can help you to identify the issues and help to fix them.

Identify The Errors And Fix Them

Web span, duplicate tags, duplicate URLs, and broken URLs are some of the possible website errors. You will get all these pieces of data by tracking your website. These issues affect your overall traffic volume and hamper site performance in different devices and browsers.

A sudden drop in traffic can be the result of site hosting problems, website speed, and 404 errors. It should not be always the search engine updates. If you want to boost your website traffic fix these issues.

You can get notifications on your dashboard by website traffic checker whenever there will be an issue with your website accessibility or account setup. Whenever there will be any drop in your conversion rate, every time you will get notifications.

Learn Your Customers

The website traffic that you are getting will help you to recognize the action of your visitors’ on your website, the things that they are looking for, and also what makes them convert.

After you get an idea about what people are looking for you can work on your service and products to get more attention. It will help you to develop your brand image and help you to know customer service advantages and disadvantages in a short period. All your customers’ data will also help you to generate a buyer profile for potential customers.

With website traffic checkers you can discover your visitor’s location. The location demographics will provide you a list of countries from where your visitors belong. With the help of this, you can target those locations or countries to get consistent web traffic.

Find Out When Your Site Is Busiest

The time, when your site or pages face the most traffic, will help you to make the content strategy and campaigns. Website traffic checkers also allow you to check the page or content traffic with a specific day in a week or a time in a day. This way you will get a far closer view of the visitors to count during the busy hours.

These pieces of data will help you to determine the time to share your content in order to get the most viewers. You also can check the session duration to find out how long visitors are staying on your pages.

Getting a proper idea of this information will lead you towards marketing success by improving your overall conversion rate and also by posting share-worthy content.

Recheck Your Cart Abandonment

In case you are an e-commerce site, there are several reasons to keep a track of your website traffic. Especially, if you have a high cart abandonment rate. Using a website traffic checker feature called goal funnel, you can set a goal in case you are having a multiple-step check-out process.

This feature will let you know at what point your visitors are quitting the purchasing process. Such as, if you find out a lot of people are exiting at the payment page, then you need to search for the reason for that. This can be the total payable amount or the shipping charges or the payment options and many more including an unfriendly design.

After identifying the main reasons you can optimize the checkout process and eliminate the pain points that your customers are facing. It is also a good idea to eliminate unnecessary steps.

Add Ons

Till the day you are having a website, it is very vital to track and monitor your traffic in order to evaluate the engaging rate of your visitors with your content. There are several tools to get data about your website and work on them. Google Analytics is one of those tools, which offer free service. You can access it just with some simple code configurations.

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