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How Headphones Technology Changed the World

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Last Updated on April 29, 2019

About a few decades ago, we probably couldn’t listen to music without driving away everyone near us! But needless to say, the advent of earphones revolutionized the way we listen to music, drastically. The chances are when you are reading this post on your phone or laptop; there is a pair of earbuds or headphones on you or within your reach.

While the older generation terms, this act of being on our headphones all day as ‘anti-socialism,’ the younger generation strongly believes headphones have changed the world for good.

So how did headphones made a substantial impact in our world?

Can you deny how headphones have changed our lives in about umpteenth ways? Even it has made its way into the office and has even managed to increase the productivity of the employees! But what does science have to say about the impact of headphones?

Let’s find out:

Headphones are bad for productivity, according to science

According to science, headphones have always been a bad influence on the human race. For starters, it can reduce our ability to communicate with everyone, thereby making us an introvert of a sort!

Many scientists also went far in saying that headphones also messes with our productivity! If this holds, then why upon entering an office you see most employees working while wearing their headphones?

According to reports, about 70 % of working professionals in the US work in a confined space bounded by four walls along with your colleagues! But to be the best at your job you need to create a space of your own so that you can work at your ease without forgetting the existence of your co-workers. But how are you supposed to do that when 100 other people are working in the same office as yours?

The answer is simple and expected; when you work while listening to your headphones, you enter into a musical trance and tend not to get bothered or conscious with the existence of your co-workers.

Another way headphones enhance our productivity in our work is by gifting us with precious music. Evidence says that music does a lot of wonders; lowers our blood pressure, relaxes body muscles thereby lessening anxiety and stress. Without music, your attention would shift to your body conditions, and you will be able to pay only a little importance to your work.

Other ways in which headphones come to our aid

The fact which says that with music by our side we tend to be more focused not only in our work but everything we do, even sports, holds true! For this reason, sports headphones are so in demand these days because it allows the athlete to pay attention to little details confirming his/her victory. For more details, you can visit the Sports Amigos.

Similarly, when you wear headphones at your work, you will be able to sense intricate details about your tasks and thus be effective at it.

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Our jobs demand much more from than they did from the workers a few generations before. Headphones have not only made our lives fun and colorful, but it has also made us responsible individuals.

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