How Has Technology Changed Sport?


Sport has changed considerably since our first recording of it in the Ancient world. Rules have changed, prices have skyrocketed, and possibly the most attractive change that’s occurred is the increasing focus on fashion. Of course, athletes have long been the targets of sports apparel companies. In 1936, Adidas convinced sprinter Jesse Owens to wear their leather spikes at the summer Olympics in Germany. However, today the difference is that apparel companies and athletes are more adventurous with their gear, with many opting for bright shoes, rackets, gloves, and outfits.

Sport has also changed because of technology. New niches in the sports industry have emerged because we transitioned to the online sphere, such as electronic sports. Additionally, how athletes and teams interact with their fans has changed, and so has the process of betting on sports. New technologies on the field have also been put into place to further the game and boost an athlete’s development. LEt’s look at some sports that have changed because of technology.

1. European Football

Technology has changed many aspects of European football. In the United Kingdom, sport is a vital part of the country’s culture, and tournaments like the UEFA Champions League are cemented into the country’s identity. In 2019, two English football teams competed in the final in Madrid, causing celebration all over the country.

For fans, the football world has undergone considerable changes since society transitioned online. For instance, the majority of football betting takes place online now, which means fans can acquire the latest betting news and odds without going to a land-based casino or sportsbook. On the pitch, there have been many new technologies that have changed the game. Today, footballers wear athletic vests under their shirts, which hold GPS trackers. These trackers accumulate different types of data, including distance covered, heart rate, and speed. Knowing these things can help with an athlete’s recovery or be used to prevent an injury.

2. American Football

The introduction of streaming platforms has changed the way fans consume sports. In particular, DAZN, a live sports video streaming service, has led to new types of sports content. This is especially true when it comes to US sports, such as American football.

On its platform, DAZN has an original series called “Rookie Diaries”, which takes fans behind the scenes of what it’s like to be a rookie (a new player) in the National Football League (NFL). So far, American football fans have been treated to “vlog-style” episodes by Pittsburgh Steelers rookie Chase Claypool. The 22-year old wide receiver takes fans with him as he spends a couple of days in an NFL training camp. Before technology like streaming platforms, sports fans would never have such a personal connection, or access to such personal information, with the athletes on the teams they support.

Technology has changed aspects of everyday life, not just the sports industry. However, sports fans and athletes are a passionate group of individuals. As such, advancements in technology and how they have evolved the game is much more noticeable.


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