How Enterprises use Digital Experience Platform (DXP)—3 Key Use Cases


3 Key Use Cases of Digital Experience Pltaform

Transformative digital experiences are reshaping today’s technology landscape. Established enterprises are undergoing a digital transformation, and contender firms are embracing digital to disrupt traditional industries. The sole reason behind this change is that consumers have made it clear that they won’t expect anything less than engaging customer experiences with a brand.

According to a Salesforce survey, 75% of consumers expect consistent experiences across multiple channels (web, mobile, social, in-person).

Brands taking their digital presence seriously must understand that to build an interactive, personalized, and compelling experience, they need to embrace the Digital Experience Platform — a solution that stitches data across the organization — to deliver effective digital experiences in real-time across multiple channels in B2C, B2B, and B2E use cases.

40% of brands claim that obtaining a holistic view of customers across all interactions is a top marketing challenge.

Focusing on the factors that offer a customer-centric business value, this blog covers the top use cases of Digital Experience Platform that your business can leverage to deliver on the promise of Customer Experience Management (CXM).

1. Multi-Site Management

‘Multiple sites with a single voice’ is the motto of most Digital Experience Platforms.

When your organization’s web presence surpasses geographies and targets several diverse regions with varied languages, multi-site management helps you to easily manage these multiple websites and micro-websites from a single location.

You can build a microsite framework using DXP, which will allow you to manage the content of all your web properties from a single platform, thereby maintaining your brand identity and customer experience.

How Zebra Technologies Leveraged Multi-Site Management Feature of DXP

Zebra Technologies was dependent upon multiple outside agencies to use their global resources effectively — for translation and website creation. It turned out to be a slow and costly process, resulting in websites that eventually became outdated.

With Adobe Experience Manager’s multi-site management feature, Zebras’ regional teams now access and add new content easily and quickly, targeted towards local audiences. The multi-site management feature of AEM helped Zebra save costs as they can now negotiate better contracts with a single agency for bulk translation requests.

How Zebra Technologies leveraged use case of Digital Experience Platform

2. Digital Enrolment and Communication

Does your organization still use paper forms for most of the workflows? It is not just a costly and time-consuming process but also adds friction to the enrolment experience of a customer.

An average of 4 weeks is lost each year waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked, or lost documents.

Ideally, a customer wants to get rid of complicated paper-based forms and be served with an experience that is refreshing, secure, and seamless — flexibility to start on a mobile device, switch to another device, and then finish up wherever they are next — across all the channels.

With a DXP integrated into your organization, you can make the enrolment process paperless, secure, and compliant and can automatically convert all your PDF forms to mobile-responsive, digital, adaptive forms. Going digital will enable you to save time, money and personalize enrolment to reduce abandonment.

59% of businesses going paperless achieved full ROI in less than 12 months; 84% achieved payback in less than 18 months.

How DXP helped Nedbank Improve Enrolment and Site Experience

Nedbank — a South African Bank — struggled to simplify their forms and site experience, and hence were unable to help their customers achieve banking goals. However, with AEM Forms, they were able to cut down the lengthy enrolment form from seven steps to four, thereby improving the form experience.

Additionally, the bank was able to build new mobile-friendly forms that helped deliver consistent messages and experiences, regardless of touchpoint, eventually increasing the completion of the successful forms from 33% to 80%.

Ned Bank and use case of Digital Experience Platform

3. Content Marketing and Velocity

An enterprise deal with multiple campaigns across multiple channels; thus requires streamlined workflows between their creative and marketing teams. Finding an easy way to manage tons of creative assets — one place where every stakeholder can find what they need to deliver consistent experiences across channels — is not just a luxury but a necessity to satisfy an endless customer’s appetite for engaging and authentic content.

85% of marketers say that they are under pressure to create assets and deliver more campaigns, quickly.

It is not at all easy for your team to build a lot of content quickly. It will take an effective solution to enable your team to keep every channel up to date with the latest images and video.

A solution in the form of DXP helps connect workflows, thereby enabling your unified team — marketers, creatives, and outside agencies — to easily create, manage and dynamically deliver engaging, channel-optimized, and personalized customer experiences across all channels: web, mobile, social and more.

Timetrade report on multi-channel experience


Today’s experience-driven digital landscape is steered by customers, and the businesses that can deliver seamless and consistent experiences retain customers longer and gain new visitors faster. The channels are increasing and overlapping, making it almost impossible for yesterday’s software solutions to keep the customers happy and engaged.

DXP is a perfect solution for businesses that are in need to unify and manage their disparate systems and channels. A robust Digital Experience Platform can help brands conquer the challenge of delivering a relevant experience to their customers across all the touchpoints and channels, resulting in more agile and frictionless business processes.

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